BREAKING Gordon Duff: Trump, Kushner, Bolton False Flag Scenarios for April-May War with Iran UPDATE 1: Metz Gets It Right — MASSIVE BLUNDER

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Trump, Kushner, Bolton Weighing False Flag Scenarios for April-May War with Iran

The date has been set, April, May and leaks are everywhere. The timing is based on the Mueller report and what has leaked to Democratic leaders in the House, who “re-leaked” back to their Mossad handlers and Trump.

Trump has already decided he is attacking Iran, it was given as his only option. Pence failed in lining up European allies but France and Britain are already onboard and only awaiting the casus belli, which has yet to be decided on.

The list includes a dirty bombing in the US or a massive explosion, to be blamed on a mine in the Straits of Hormuz, that cripples one of America’s defective aircraft carriers.

The US is already pre-positioning forces for an air assault, Qatar, Diego Garcia, massive supplies of munitions to Saudi Arabia and Israel.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: Venezuela is stupid, Iran will be catastrophic. A US carrier will certainly, absolutely, be taken out by SUNBURN missiles that zig-zag at Mach 2, and I fully expect multiple buildings in Tel Aviv to vaporize — the “Iron Dome” is bullshit, and the Iranians have — in my speculative judgement — pre-planted explosives in key locations. God Bless Gina Haspel, who testified honestly with respect to the Iranians being in compliance. As much as I support Donald Trump today, if he allows King Jared and alleged pedophile John Bolton to take us to war on Iran, then I will oppose him in 2020.

I expect King Jared to follow in his father's footsteps — right into jail — and I expect Benjamin Netanyahu to also be at a minimum barred from holding political office in Israel, and perhaps also sent to jail.  The Zionists (not to be confused with the Jews who oppose Zionism with great moral clarity) are panicking.

The Saudi's are also panicking. Since most Members of the US Congress are being bribed and/or blackmailed by the Zionists and the Saudis, a declaration of war is theirs to command, never mind that it will be based on lies just as our elective war on Venezuela is based on lies.

I pray that this report is wrong and that President Donald Trump is not himself a party to this idiocy and treason. I pray that our President is giving King Jared and alleged pedophile and known swinger John Bolton enough rope to hang themselves.

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