CENSORED BY GOOGLE NEWS: Robert Steele: Is Ilhan Omar Cynthia McKinney 2.0? – Will the Zionist Parasite Be Purged from the USA This Time?

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Is Ilhan Omar Cynthia McKinney 2.0?

Will the Zionist Parasite Be Purged from the USA This Time?

Robert David Steele

American Herald Tribune, 18 February 2019

There have been two major events in the US Congress recently that bring to the fore the long-festering matter of whether the US Congress works for the US public or the foreign state of Israel. The first event was the passage in the US Senate of a bill that makes it a felony – a major crime – to call for the boycott of Israel, never mind the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. The second event was a series of truthful statements by a newly-elected Representative with respect to the genocidal apartheid behavior of the Zionist state of Israel – statements immediately condemned by every Member of Congress taking money from Israel – or being blackmailed by Israel – as “anti-Semitic.”[1]

America First means NOT Israel First. Cynthia McKinney (today Dr. Cynthia McKinney), almost alone among all Members of Congress in her generation, refused to sign the written “AIPAC Pledge” swearing loyalty to Israel. It took the Zionists twelve years to gerrymander her district out of existence and bribe everyone else in Georgia that mattered, but they finally ran her out of office.

Like Representative McKinney in her time, Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has sworn an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, domestic and foreign. She has also refused to make the now verbal pledge to AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), the largest most oppressive subversive organization in the USA, an undeclared unregistered agent of a foreign power, Zionist Israel.

It is surely difficult for most intelligent people around the world to appreciate the degree to which Zionists control the US economy, the US government, and US society. The best analogy I can draw is that we are in precisely the same position as Palestine, only in the US the atrocities are hidden with the complicity of a Zionist-controlled media; instead of walls and guns the Zionists use bribery, blackmail, and lies.

I am not going to get into the history of Israel as the occupier of Palestine or its status today as the foremost sponsor of terrorism, cyber-crime, and rendition & torture for hire. What I will say is that I believe that after the Koreas it is the Middle East that will be denuclearized and demilitarized; Palestine will be restored to the Palestinians; and Benjamin Netanyahu will die in jail or by his own hand, all in my lifetime – in the next twenty years.[2]

What I will do here and now is two things:

First, draw a sharp distinction between the war crimes (in Palestine) and the treason (in the USA) that are the standard by which Zionist Israel should be measured; and Judaism, which in the USA is both progressive and reformist but all too complacent with respect to Palestine; and

Second, outline in very specific terms what has changed in the USA since the Zionists planned and executed 9/11 with the complicity of Vice President Dick Cheney, and the post-9/11 cover-up led by Robert Mueller as Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).[3]

Zionism is evil, Judaism is not. For the last fifty years the Zionists – working closely with the British Empire and its secret intelligence services and psychological operations elements, — have been very successful at doing three things:

  1. Conflating Zionism – the criminal state – with Judaism, the religious practice of individuals;
  2. Collaborating with the UK and US secret intelligence services and the controlled media to label any criticism of Zionist and particularly the genocide of Palestinians, as anti-Semitic; and
  3. Bribing and blackmailing a majority of executive and legislative leaders including Presidents and Speakers of the House, as well as judges, prosecutors, military commanders, university presidents, and others.

Since Cynthia McKinney left office the war crimes of Israel have become so extensive that the Jews of America are now very close to publicly condemning Zionist Israel and withholding their donations from AIPAC and the tens of thousands of funding channels that AIPAC oversees.[4] This will lead to a cutting off of US military and financial assistance to Zionist Israel, particularly when Zionist Israel is fully exposed for its total responsibility for planning and executing 9/11.

The two recent events in the USA – the passage of a bill in the Senate and the censure of a Member of Congress for telling the truth – are in my view a turning point in American history.

Here are some recent specific Zionist atrocities in the USA, not counting the USS Liberty and 9/11:[5]

  • 25 States demand oath of loyalty to Israel as a condition for employment or assistance
  • 46 Senators and 245 Representatives co-sponsor Israel First Act (Israel Anti-Boycott Act)
  • 77 US Senators vote against First Amendment, make it a felony to call for boycott of Israel
  • 88 Members of Congress call for US Ambassador to serve as global censor for Israel
  • 9% of Members of Congress and Senior Executive Services known to have Israeli citizenship
  • Al Jazeera produces The Lobby, a most extraordinary exposure of Zionist bribery operations
  • Benjamin Netanyahu tells Progressive and Reform Jews in America to “piss off”
  • Bill Maher denounced as a Zionist agent of influence (and unregistered Zionist agent)
  • CNN openly challenges Benjamin Netanyahu on live television regarding his nuclear arsenal
  • Ethical Jew Henry Siegman denounces the Zionist occupation of Jerusalem (corpus separatum)
  • Ethical Jew Thomas Are writing in Ha’aretz denounces Zionist bigotry and racism
  • Ha’aretz asks if it is time for all Jews to boycott Israel
  • Israel abuses US Jews and in some cases detains them, for supporting boycott of Israel
  • Israel declares itself an apartheid state and all Jews world-wide to be its subjects
  • Netanyahu brags about creating three more Israels in Central Asia and elsewhere
  • Strategic Culture denounces US Embassy in Jerusalem as a mistake of epic proportions
  • Texas fires a teacher for refusing to sign pro-Israel oath (she will win her job back in court)
  • US Supreme Court strikes down state laws favoring Zionist Israel
  • Zionist control of social media established – Anti-Defamation League is the chief censor
  • Zionist false flag events and lies lead to US missile attack on Syria
  • Zionist Israel credibly accused of killing US soldiers in Syria to draw US deeper into Syria
  • Zionist lies lead to further demonization of Iran
  • Zionist role in assassination of John F. Kennedy, Jr. exposed
  • Zionist sniper assassinates Associated Press cameraman wearing a Press vest
  • Zionist training of US police to treat US citizens as “cockroaches” is publicized
  • Zionist-led vaccine eugenics program exposed
  • Zionists known to be doing rendition & torture world-wide as a service for dictators

Representative Omar – whom I am honoring with the appellation of “Cynthia McKinney 2.0,” was smashed down by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi[6] but she held her ground against AIPAC. Three things are changing that favor Representative Omar and suggest that the Zionist parasite will be expunged from the USA by 2024 at the earliest, 2028 by the latest.

  1. We have more Muslim citizens and will see more Muslims elected to Congress;
  2. We are going to pass #UNRIG – Unity for Integrity Election Reform Act and this will shut down all forms of illicit influence now exercised with complete impunity by AIPAC;[7] and
  3. The complete exposure of the Zionists for 9/11 will achieve what decades of genocide against the Palestinians have not: turn all Americans including all American Jews against the Zionists.

I defined the Deep State and the Shadow Government in early 2018.[8] President Donald Trump is not the Zionist pawn most think. Q Anon has said the Zionists will be last (because they are the hardest to root out).  What I will add in conclusion is that we are controlling – and will eventually nationalize – the Federal Reserve, and we have put the Rothschilds, the Vatican, and the British Empire into a corner. The defeat of those higher forces leaves the Zionists without support. In my opinion, General Secretary Xi Jinping, President Vladimir Putin, and President Donald Trump are one on this topic: death to the Deep State, and an end to the Zionist parasite that has infected every economy, every government, and every society. May God Bless all people of faith, and most especially Jews that reject Zionism.

IMAGE CREDIT: Robert David Steele


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