Yoda: Mike Daugherty Hero — Fought the Federal Trade Commission and Won in Court — Administrative State Bullying is ILLEGAL

Corruption, Government, Idiocy, Law Enforcement

Meet the hero who fought the administrative state and won

FTC’s basic approach — in which the FTC tries to improve general security practices by suing companies that experience security breaches — violates the basic legal principle that the government can’t punish someone for conduct that the government hasn’t previously explained is problematic.

Phi Beta Iota: This has implications for the “red flag” gun confiscation laws, all of which should be fought in court, and every Senator and Representative voting for them put out of office. “Red flag” means that anyone, including the person planning to assassinate you, can libel or slander you with impunity, by claiming they feel “threatened” by you.  WITHOUT DUE PROCESS the police can send a SWAT team to disarm you and if you resist, kill you, as happened recently in Maryland.  The USA is going to shit and the Administrative State that serves the Deep State is a big part of why.

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