Gordon Duff: New Zealand False Flag by Zionist Israel with Police & Freemason Complicity UPDATE 10: Christchurch, the Former Islamic Minister: “Mossad Behind Shootings”

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Intel Drop: Shooting Real, Shooter Fake, Jewish Born Freemason like Brevik

All done, according to the “manifesto” in the name of “Donald Trump” and, if one were to read between the lines, the now pseudo-legally designated “Jewish Only” State of Israel

odd modifications, no flash suppressor, strange stock, none of which is required by New Zealand law….we have never seen a weapon like this…piece of junk

By Gordon Duff with Sources in Israel, the Balkans and Turkey

The New Zealand mass killer trained in Israel in 2017 and 2018 then visited Turkey and the Balkans, this is confirmed.

When automatic fire broke out barely a mile from a police station, the Freemason ridden police waited, waited, waited and finally, 17 minutes later, showed up.  We saw this in Columbine and in nearly every shooting since, with few exceptions.  On November 7, 2018 in Thousand Oaks, California, a police officer, gun drawn, ran into a bar to stop a mass killing (attributed to a 28 year old Marine veteran named Ian Long).  The officer was murdered, at the scene, by his own men.  He didn’t know the rules.

Our story begins in 1948 where an impoverished Jewish family leaves Palestine for Britain and then Australia, where in 1970 they gain citizenship.  Five years later, a son is born, who in the succeeding 42 years only ages 28.  With the family now living in Australia, dad dies of mesothelioma (asbestos) and “Brenton” suddenly inherits enough money to travel the world though, as holocaust survivors, no living relatives exist.  Whatever world travels are on the list, and we are getting feedback every hour, a considerable sojourn in Israel is part of it, followed by Turkey and then a tour of neo-Nazi/Freemason training camps, the same facilities that prepared Anders Brevik.

We remember Brevik and his tiny Opel sedan and the fuel oil/fertilizer bomb whose output equaled 50 tons of explosive in a vehicle that is rated by Hertz and “two passenger and one suitcase.”

The lies are piling up and the planning and execution of the mass shooting in Christchurch goes from Australia and New Zealand into Israel and the Balkans.  Everything about Brendon Tarrant is a lie, and the lies are piling up.  Police complicity is confirmed, over and over, not just in New Zealand and Australia, but the fake Brendon Tarrant has traveled the world as a terrorist with the aid of some very powerful people, just like Anders Brevik, the “Norwegian” mass killer.

Structural damage to reinforced concrete over 700 meters away from less than 200 pounds of TNT?

We are already faced with conflicting stories, disappearing videos but the lies have only begun.  Intelligence sources, angry at another patsy sent out to butcher the innocent, are flowing their own data into VT.

The information below came in today in Hebrew and Arabic (similar) and awaits confirmation.

The planning group included 4 women who are currently in New Zealand as part of a tour group.  No, we can’t say where they come from because we dont’ know and aren’t going to make something up.

There are multiple confirmation of advance notification and involvement by members of the New Zealand police authority who belong to Freemasonry.  This is identical to the Norway shooting under Anders Brevik, which was also a Freemason “sponsored” event.  As you remember, Brevik was allowe to buy fertilizer, own an assault rifle, attend training with neo-Nazi and pro-Zionist (now one in the same) organizations in Europe, which our “caught” shooter, Brenton Tarrant has done also.

Tarrant was assured a “free ride” after the killings, as with Brevik, who lives in a private apartment and gets regular outings.  New Zealond had abolished the death penalty in 2007, Australia in 2005.

28 year old “Brenton Tarrant’ is 42 years old. (confirmed). Here is the bio of the fake “Brenton Tarrant” from the UK Telegraph:

“The young Brenton Tarrant had just celebrated his birthday.

He would go on to enjoy a normal upbringing in the rural town of Grafton, New South Wales, alongside his parents and sister.

Little, if anything, pointed towards the horror that he would go on to unleash.

Indeed, he describes himself as an “ordinary, white man”, born into a working class, low income family of Scottish, Irish and English decent.

By all accounts, his life was unremarkable, leaving school to become a fitness instructor at a local gym. He had “no interest” in education or anything that university had to offer.

But in 2010, his father Rodney, an athlete, died of an asbestos-related cancer and shortly afterwards, having acquired some inheritance, Tarrant left the family home to travel the world.

During the years that he was away, his mother, an English teacher, wrote online about how much she missed her “incredible son” although she said she “understood his wanderlust”.

She wrote fondly of her “Brento” and appeared blissfully unaware of how his world had turned.

Tarrant’s travels took him through much of Europe, North Korea, India and Japan.

Last year, he described Pakistan as “an incredible place filled with the most earnest, kind hearted and hospitable people in the world”.

“The beauty of hunza and nagar valley in autumn cannot be beat,” he wrote online, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

The 28-year-old, fake, 42-year-old boy of two British parents of Jewish origin who fled his family from the occupied territories after the 1948 war to Britain and then to New Zealand and stayed for 11 years and then settled for residency in Australia and obtained Australian citizenship in 1970.

Brenton went to the occupied territories in 2017 and 2018 with visits lasting six months.

He is a member of the Masonic Forum in Canberra, capital of Australia, listed as something very much other than a social organization.
Before the attack, 12 bombs were planted in the same area surrounding the mosque and connected to the explosion via Mobil, which was dismantled by the authorities after all the houses were taken out of the population.

An automatic weapon will release the entire contents of the safe in one push without pressing the trigger for each shot of Israeli weapons. The bullets and shots were made in Israel.

The shooting took 17 minutes and 4 seconds long enough for the police to quickly find that the police station was only 2 kilometers away from the mosque, which marks question marks about the New Zealand authorities. New Zealand is a country that fights Islam and most of its officials are Masonic.

From the rite of offering offerings that the event is filmed to offer a sacrifice to the devil and this ritual of Freemasonry such as photographing the Razila at the foot of the pyramid and the killing of children and the Ethiopian plane etc etc.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: For those who do not know me, I am a former US spy and I ran a false flag operation for CIA in the 1980's. I spoke with Gordon Duff about this and with his permission have posted a full replay of his original article. I am not going to spend any time on this, it is very clearly a mind-controlled false flag operation with complete local complicity. I hesitate to speculate on the insanity of all of this, other than to note that I fully anticipate Syria making good on its declared plans to retake the Golan Heights illegally occupied by Israel (as Palestine is illegally occupied by Israel).  The US Government is in enemy hands — from Pompeo and Bolton to King Kushner, our President's ability to control the forces that want all out war between the Zionists and the Muslims — the long planned WWIII — is questionable. Our President has the right instincts. He knows in his heart that he need to back out of the Middle East now, conclude the Koreas deal, and later return to insist on the denuclearization of Israel as well as Saudi Arabia  and iran. In the meantime, my bottom line is simple: as long as Jared Kushner and John Bolton are officially employed in t he White House, the US Government is in enemy hands. It's time for a new Secretary of State (Jon Huntsman has my vote) and a proper Secretary of Defense with combat experience who is not a rabid Zionist or dual citizen or contractor.

The Zionists did 9/11 (and before that the USS Liberty and in between the assassination of JFK Jr. to clear the way for Hillary Clinton). This is a crucible moment for our President, who is alone.  The US secret intelligence community is not only worthless, it is unlikely to have the integrity to tell the President what I and Gordon and perhaps Mike Flynn would tell him if we could: this was a Zionist state-sponsored false flag that should be called out for what it is, and the Embassy of Israel in the USA closed down for this atrocity.  “Enough already!”

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Memoranda for the President on 9/11: Time for the Truth — False Flag Deep State Truth! UPDATE 14: Spanish Translation

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UPDATE 1: Multiple Additional Confirmatory False Flag Articles

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NZ shooter was Mossad agent. Major false flag operation. Spread the proof around, call names

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Brendon O'Connell – Mosque Shooter Was Professionally Trained

NZ anti-mosque terrorist: False flag? Hypnotized to kill?

New Zealand = false flag

Trump-Loving Megachurch Pastor Calls New Zealand Terror Attack ‘False Flag’

Rush Limbaugh Claims New Zealand Mosque Shootings Were False Flag Operation, Offers No Evidence

VIDEO: FALSE FLAG New Zealand Mosque Shooting (EXPOSED) Must Watch!

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PDF (74 Pages): Manifesto Great Replacement

UPDATE 2: 14 Reasons This Was a Mossad Operation

BREAKING Mongoose: 14 Reasons Why the New Zealand Mosque Attack Could Be a ‘False-Flag’ Mossad Operation

UPDATE 3: Mossad Spy Ring Found (2011)

Mossad spy ring ‘unearthed because of Christchurch earthquake'

Although dated (2011), this excellent story makes clear the promiscuous activity of the Mossad in New Zealand, and brings forth the high probability that the New Zealand police in particular are totally compromised (both technically and criminally).

UPDATE 4: Second Shooter, Travel & Training

New Zealand: The Unraveling of an Israeli Mass Murder?

So, where are we? We have a second shooter and guns there, strange video with “pre-killed” victims. We have silenced witnesses and banned videos.

We have money from heaven, training in Israel, time spent in Syria and in and out of Turkey, we have a trained assassin pretending to be a world tourist with no photos, no video, no social media, no friends, no school chums, no neighbors and a British/Scottish background achieved when his Jewish family immigrated to the UK from Palestine/Israel in 1948.

We have a bit too much lying. And so it goes.

UPDATE 5: Multiple Shooters, Locations

Evidence Indicates Link Between North Korean Embassy Break-In And Christchurch Attacks

Police speculated during the attacks that there were up to three suspects. But footage and photos that have emerged along with early reports of other suspected locations where incidents occurred indicates that the number of attackers was likely larger.

There were also rumors of other incidents which suggest that the attack might have been larger than is being disclosed. Maori News noted reports that an additional shooting was ongoing at Christchurch Hospital. This went largely unacknowledged by the international media. In the aftermath of the attacks, police in Auckland, New Zealand also responded to a bomb scare at Auckland train station.

It is also worth noting that the location of police stations in and around Christchurch shows that there were several just a few blocks away from the Al Noor Mosque and Linwood Islamic Centre. This is about a seven to eight minute drive with normal traffic. But witness statements say that police took over 20 minutes to arrive at the scene (the police response time was actually an even longer 36 minutes). Ambulance services took over half an hour to arrive at the scene despite the fact that hospitals were in even closer proximity to the attack locations than police stations.

New Zealand government has engaged in unprecedented censorship of the event and videos of the incident have all been taken offline.

Report: New Zealand mosque shooter visited Israel

New Zealand mosque ‘shooter’ visited Israel in 2016, the same year
Netanyahu threatened the New Zealand Govt. for supporting the
Palestinians at the UN.

UPDATE 6: FAKE Intended to Ramp Up Red Flag Gun Confiscation without Due Process

Undeniable Proof: CGI Used in New Zealand Shooting Includes Scott Bennett THE NEW ZEALAND SHOOTING: WHAT HAPPENED AND WHY?

OBJECTIVE: Neutralize Right-Wing, Conservative Republican Christian base of President Trump

TACTIC: Orient Department of Justice and all law enforcement agencies to elevate white, right-wing, conservative republican Christians to top of list of domestic threats and terrorist list, and consequently increase incidents of “stop, investigate, and arrest” actions against this group.

TACTIC: Increase red-flag gun confiscation laws by including the justification for this action will include allegations of participation in white, right-wing, conservative republican Christian suspect groups or activities.

TACTIC: Conduct Democrat controlled House Committee hearings on white, right-wing, conservative republican Christians and directly associate President Trump with rhetoric and beliefs and agenda of this white, right-wing, conservative republican Christians terrorist group.

UPDATE 7: Massive Censorship Panic, Steele Article Below

NZ Threatens 10 Years In Prison For ‘Possessing' Mosque Shooting Video; Web Hosts Warned, ‘Dissenter' Banned

Phi Beta Iota: This is sheer panic.  NZ has its head up its government ass if it thinks for a moment this shit tape can be censored — the only atrocity documented on this tape is the complicity of the NZ government in a false flag event — something the International Criminal Court should be looking at.

Below is an advance copy of Robert David Steele's article that will appear world-wide tomorrow.  Anyone who can place it in an Asian outlet, please go ahead or encourage them to connect via email to robert.david.steele.vivas AT gmail DOT com.

New Zealand False Flag Event

Zionist Provocation to Disarm US White Nationalists and Start World War III?

TEHRAN – Robert David Steele, a former Marine Corps infantry officer and CIA spy as well as an activist for Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE), regularly answers questions for Tehran Times.

by Javad Heirannia

Q. You are well known as a former spy, and you have also said many times on the public record that you managed a false flag operation for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). You have also written three books and two chapters on specific false flag operations – False Flag Attacks – Tool of the Deep State, 9/11 Truth, Sandy Hook Truth, Orlando Atrocity, and Paris 11/13. In brief, what is a false flag attack?

A. The term originated in maritime warfare, where pirates as well as countries such as Spain and France, would fly the flag of their prey so they could sail closer and mount a surprise attack. The term today means nothing more or less than “not as it appears.” This means that the event did not happen the way the government says it did; it was not carried out for the reasons the government says it was; and both the attacker and the victims are not as they appear. In the USA most attackers are patsies, some mind-controlled, and most victims are crisis actors or paid locals who are then sworn to secrecy using national security warrants that threaten them with life in prison if they tell the truth about the event.

Q. The attack on a mosque in New Zealand by an alleged white supremacist appears to have many questionable aspects. In broad terms, what do you think happened?

A. A careful analysis of all available information, including a complete technical as well as military analytic review of the full video tape, suggests that this was a false flag event. We need Muslim and US white nationalist investigators on the ground to determine if anyone actually died, all indications are that no one died, this appears to have been a completely staged event managed by the Mossad in complicity with corrupt New Zealand police and national authorities, and corrupt Freemasons. Let me point out that most Freemasons are honest decent people. I believe the Chinese Freemasons particularly are intent on the future of Freemasonry to be about the good of all, and this apparent crime against humanity by New Zealand Freemasons should see them cast out of the international order.

Q. Before I ask for specific reasons why you challenge the official narrative – that a lone white man killed at least fifty Muslims and wounded at least 50 more mostly Muslims – let me ask about motive. Assuming you are correct and this was a staged event followed by immediate global censorship to block common sense challenges, what was the purpose of this event?

A. I am so glad you asked that, because my answer could help to unite Muslims everywhere with white nationalists in the USA and perhaps in other countries. This event was designed with two objectives. The first is to demonize white nationalists who support President Donald Trump, and to set the stage for disarming them in violation of the US Constitution by using a flood of new “red flag” laws that the Deep State is attempting to push through in the USA. Just as the Zionists assassinated John F. Kennedy Junior to clear the way for Hillary Clinton to buy her Senate seat in New York, they are seeking here to help the Democrats defeat President Trump in 2020. My colleague Scott Bennett, a former US Army psychological warfare officer, has published a useful analysis of objectives and tactics for this event.

In New Zealand, where the government is a mix of good – criticizing Zionist Israel – and bad – seeking to confiscate weapons – this false flag event is clearly being used as a deception to justify the disarming of the public.

The second objective is to set the stage for World War III. I will predict right now that at least two Muslim mind-control patsies will murder – for real – at least 20 kindergarten children in the USA immediately before Syria launches its promised attack to remove the Zionists from the Golan Heights where oil has been discovered.  The Zionists are desperate to keep the Golan Heights and to draw the USA into a Middle Eastern general war. False flag operations as well as the bribery and blackmail of most US Members of Congress and key Senior Executive Service officials is how they get their way.

Let me say very clearly that I believe that this event, for the first time in modern history, gives white nationalists in the USA, and Muslims world-wide, a foundation for coming together against Zionist Israel. I want to see a Muslim investigative team in New Zealand immediately, and I want the exposure of this atrocity to bring down the government of New Zealand and force President Donald Trump to honor his campaign promise to fully disclose the who, how, what, and why of 9/11, which will end the reign of terror by Zionists in the USA. If invited, I would be honored to donate my time and join the team, I am quite certain I can extract the truth from the alleged shooter within 24 hours. Sadly, I would not be surprised to see the alleged shooter die in the next few days, allegedly by his own hand, to silence him forever.

Q. What is a “red flag” law?

A. Thank you for asking. A “red flag” law is a very unconstitutional law that is being passed by US states that do not believe in the US Constitution and the right to bear arms. In Maryland a man was assassinated by police recently when they went to confiscate his weapons without notice. A red flag law allows anyone – someone you owe money to, for example – to tell the police that they feel “threatened” by you, and this – without due process, without a judge, without a hearing – allows the police to demand your guns. If someone wanted to assassinate me, arranging for a “red flag” report so that I am disarmed first by the police, without actual just cause, would be the perfect preamble.

Q. Isn’t it far-fetched to think that Muslims themselves would participate in a false flag event desecrating their own mosque?

A. You raise a very important point, and this is one of the reasons I want a Muslim investigative team on the ground as soon as possible. In my experience most Muslims are very eager to accommodate the authorities and demonstrate that they have assimilated and are loyal to their adopted country. I strongly suspect the participants were given incentives they could not refuse and their participation was demanded as a condition of their continuing to enjoy unencumbered residency in New Zealand.

Q. List for us the anomalies – the clear indications that this was a false flag event.

A. My list is drawn from both my own viewing of the movie, which is clearly full of special effects such as bullet casings that “disappear” and do not hit the ground, and the works of Gordon Duff, Kevin Barrett, James Fetzer as well as Baldrmedia and William Craddick. I will divide my list into event anomalies and contextual anomalies.

Event Anomalies

  1. These are clearly toy guns firing air and not ejecting casings or firing real bullets. In the video the bullet casings were added after the fact as a special effect.
  2. With the exception of the alleged dead by the front door, who appear to have been staged beforehand, none of those allegedly killed in the video fall in spastic shock as real wounded do, and there are no blood splatters. Some of those lying dead are not actually shot in the video. Indeed, the shooter exits the mosque and then returns, this time we see some rather amateurish blood evidence, as if he had to leave so the special effects crew could come in.
  3. The piles of bodies appear to have been there prior to the gunman entering. They are all in very unnatural positions, and interestingly, not a single one is face up, useful if you want to conceal all their identities.
  4. Shots fired from a shotgun inside the car do not blow out the front windshield.
  5. All traffic is blocked from the street during the event, as if the police had roadblocks set up.
  6. The police do not arrive officially until 36 minutes after the first shot, never mind that their nearest station is two minutes away from the first mosque.
  7. The video shows clear signs of having been technically altered, including the addition of bullet casings, after the fact, never mind the reality that the shooter was quickly arrested and had no time to edit anything.

Contextual Anomalies

  1. The individual either is not who they say he is, or he is much older than they claim. Gordon Duff has documented his family history and it leads back to Zionist Israel in multiple ways.
  2. The individual received an “inheritance” when he lost his family, a common Mossad technique for picking up promising orphaned males for mind-control projects, and spent years traveling including North Korea, China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, and Syria and in training in Zionist Israel.
  3. The shooter allegedly drove past at least two police stations en route from the first to the second mosque.
  4. Video exists of at least two others shooters, and evidence exists of at least four women in a tour group that appear to have been a Mossad support cell.
  5. Government claims that this individual was not on their radar are a clear lie. He was a known shooter in the Brice Rifle Club catering to military shooters and is known to have visited countries of concern including North Korea.
  6. He is known by Turkey to have entered that country intent on carry out an assassination or some form of terror attack. Along among all Muslim nations, Turkey has a team on the way to New Zealand where I expect they will be denied access to the prisoner and the mosque in fear of their quickly seeing this for what it is – a false flag provocation.
  7. The government of New Zealand has entered into a censorship panic, and in the USA the Zionist- controlled social media notably Facebook and Twitter, are actively censoring the video particularly, and skeptical comments generally. The video, intended by its originators to defame white nationalists and anger Muslims, has clearly become a liability because watching it one is quickly convinced this is a false flag event – not what the government claims it to be.

If 50 people prove to be dead and another 50 wounded, which I do not believe, this makes it certain that there were multiple shooters and raises the possibility of dead being brought in from morgues around the country to build up the body count. One man with several magazines cannot, under any possible circumstances, do the claimed damages.

Q. You speak of mind control as if it were a routine matter. What can you tell us about this as it relates to terrorist incidents and assassination?

A. Let me first say that although I was a spy for the CIA, most of what I have learned about the evil associated with the CIA and also the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) – the two places where the Nazis took up residence after WWII – comes from non-fiction reading and debriefing others after I left CIA. Nothing I have ever said in public violates my lifetime oath of secrecy as a spy.

Mind-control at CIA and NASA started with hypnosis and drugs and has advanced to electromagnetic “tuning” and early childhood pedophilic trauma leading to the creation of multiple personalities in a single body, and the ability to train people to do extraordinary things not normally expected – for example a chubby housewife able to crush a man’s throat when walking past him – and to wipe their minds clean after the fact.  The ability to convert totally innocent people into unwitting spies and on command assassins has long been the Holy Grail of the Mossad as well as the CIA.  I was surprised to learn NASA was so heavily engaged in this atrocity, it appears to be a result of their Nazi transplants combined with the desire to train super humans for long-range space missions.  Being evil comes easily when you have a great deal of money and no oversight.

I have about 40 posts on mind-control at my blog, but particularly recommend my review of TRANCE: Formation of America.

I am quite certain that most “active shooter” events are either staged or using a mind-controlled patsy who sometimes dies as part of the deal. I am especially troubled by law enforcement personnel being engaged in crimes against humanity and then being ordered to lie on the pretext of national security and with the threat to them of losing their pensions or going to prison for life.

Mind control – as with geoengineering, 5G genocide and ecocide communications, and legalized sterilization through vaccinations and other means – is out of control. There is no Western government I know of that is a genuine democracy. While I have high hopes for President Donald Trump, at this time he is fighting for his life against the Deep State and its Zionist under-belly, and we could still see the death of America the Beautiful.

Q. You are a Christian, a white nationalist but also a Latino of a Colombian mother, who has lived all over the world as the son of an oil engineer, as Marine Corps infantry officer, and as a spy. You only became an anti-Zionist when they destroyed your #UNRIG election reform program co-founded with the great Dr. Cynthia McKinney. What is your final word to all Muslims on this matter?

A. In your last interview with me, “Is Zionism in the USA Over?” I ended my final answer to you by saying this:

I support our President, and I support Ilhan Omar. Each in their own way embodies all this is good within America the Beautiful.

The America that most Muslims have experienced is not America the Beautiful, the land of the free, where faith in God and loyalty to the Constitution – including the rights of free speech and freedom of religion – are core values. Most Muslims see the Deep State America in which virtual colonialism, predatory capitalism, and unilateral militarism are the norm.

I would say this to all Muslims: we white nationalists embrace Latinos and blacks and Muslims who are committed to God and country, to freedom and tolerance. We also share with all Muslims one big challenge: it is impossible to learn the truth from the US Government, from any government, or from the media, because all of the channels of communications are controlled.  I am reminded that the Prime Minister of Malaysia some years ago called for a Muslim Press Service because the Zionists control the world press and demonize Muslims.  Now they are demonizing white nationalists.

We all need a truth channel – a global to local network for sharing information that cannot be censored, a network where voices for the truth cannot be digitally assassinated, a network that can help educate the billions who wish to live in peace and prosperity together, a network that can achieve the sustainability goals within twenty years by using Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) at ten to twenty percent the cost of the failed Western model.

This event in New Zealand is well-suited to bringing together US white nationalists and Muslim activists, against the Zionists, against the censored controlled media, against governments that believe they can deceive their citizens and the world with false flag events intended to disarm individual citizens on the one hand, and justify organized state-level violence on the other.

The truth at any cost lowers all others costs.  That is what I stand for.  I would be honored to be invited to join a Truth Commission, perhaps led by Indonesia and including representatives from India, Iran, and Turkey as well as Malaysia, focused on the atrocity in New Zealand. The truth can unite, the truth can heal, the truth can triumph.  May God bless all those who honor him with the truth.

Learn more: https://robertdavidsteele.com and http://phibetaiota.net.

UPDATE 8: Mosque Dress Rehearsal Video Found?

Tip of the Hat to @SolAdentro for finding what appears to be a video of a dress rehearsal for the New Zealand false flag event.  NOTE: this appears to be at the second mosque, not the first. More details are anticipated.

UPDATE 5: Steele Article

Below is going to be published by multiple parties around the world, and has also been delivered to the foreign ministries of Indonesia and New Zealand, among others.

Robert Steele with Javan Heirannia: New Zealand False Flag Event – Zionist Provocation to Disarm US White Nationalists and Start World War III?

UPDATE 6: ABEL DANGER Post US House Conspiracy to Take Guns

We’ve Got Some Evaluations On Christchurch

UPDATE 7: Two Debunk Videos

  1. Magic cartridge casings edited into video (pre-recorded then “live streamed”)
  2. Cartridge Casings on Floor BEFORE Shooter Arrives
  3. Bodies on Ground & Fallen BEFORE Shooter Arrives
  4. Perfect Walls — no damages, no bullet holes, up close OBVIOUS
  5. 5. Manikins & the open doorway not used

LINK TO ABOVE VIDEO: https://www.bitchute.com/video/VRRZI8Pre7oa/

LINK TO ABOVE VIDEO: https://www.bitchute.com/video/ANHw6iIAXWAx/

UPDATE 8: State of the Nation – Hybrid False Flag?

New Zealand Mosque False Flag Exposed, Reasons for the Hoax Revealed

“Everything points to a real mass shooting that did occur, but a fake video was also produced before the terrorist attack as a separate psyop.”

UPDATE 9: Kevin Barrett Zionist Master Plan

Christchurch Attack Decoded: A Manifestation of the Zionist Master Plan

UPDATE 10: Christchurch, the Former Islamic Minister: “Mossad Behind Shootings”

Christchurch, the Former Islamic Minister: “Mossad Behind Shootings”

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