Berto Jongman: Capitalism Is Dead…

Commercial Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence
Berto Jongman

Dare to declare capitalism dead – before it takes us all down with it

George Monbiot

The economic system is incompatible with the survival of life on Earth. It is time to design a new one

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ROBERT STEELE:  No shit. The Deep State is in such a panic that articles with the obvious truth are slipping into print. There is nothing wrong with capitalism that cannot be fixed by holistic analytics and true cost economics, and improved by Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE). We have simply been allowing the insanely criminal to run things for centuries. The good news is that Donald Trump and a handful of seriously pissed off and very wealthy patriots (I keep looking for Ross Perot to pop up) have the Deep State on the run. Life is about to get a whole lot better for most people.  Praise be to God.

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