Betty Boop: Roots of the Left’s Love of Pedophilia

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Roots of the Left’s Acceptance of Pedophilia

Steven Kessler in  American Thinker

Shockingly, there are people in the liberal media attempting to normalize pedophilia.  These media sources range from outlets like to peer-reviewed journals to popular cable news media shows.

So long as the liberals believe morality consists in living authentically, looking within, and living a life without shame, the boundaries of socially acceptable behavior will move in directions and places our ancestors could have never imagined.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: There is more going on here than mere philosophy.  At a biological level, it is the left brain (focus on facts) versus the right brain (focus on context); at the political level it is repressive tolerance (anything goes) versus love of country and family (do no harm unto others).  At a practical level, it is also about people who have no ethics at the bottom, wanting to be “accepted” for being “accepting” combined with people who have no ethics at the top, wanting to destroy country, community, family, the individual, to make way for the New World Order, the one world, one currency, one social credit score. We are in the fight for the soul of humanity — this is a 12,000 year fight, we just turned the corner on the first 6,000 years in which Satan has had the upper hand.  Allowing adults to sodmize children too young to object or provide informed consent is bestial. Anyone that does not that should be considered criminally insane and locked up for life.

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