Yoda: How Do We Stop 5G? By Croissy Vercelle #STOP5G

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How do we Stop 5G?

By Croissy Vercelle

The question that I would like to discuss, that obsesses me night and day and that has coloured my life with my family for months now is: How do I stop the “smart” meter rollout – at my door, before it enters my home? — and how do I stop 5G, on my street and over my head, from the skies above?

Everything is allowed on my search, except not to make myself crazy with fear and panic.

After months and months of research, I did make progress but, as you will see, there is room for improvement on the side of the craziness.

Here is what I would like to answer to my own question today:

What does 1) Fan Bingbing have in common with 2) the French Yellow Vest movement and 3) Juan Branco, the lawyer of Julian Assange? 

You see, I am already laughing, because here even my best friend does not know what they have in common and why I put this together and she must think I’m crazy.

Besides, this is so off the 5G topic.

The answer to my question

First, you probably don’t know any of the three or you’ve only heard a little about them.

Second, all three are extremely peaceful and unarmed.

Now this is where it gets interesting: all three are being fiercely censored on the Internet.

Yes, this is what all three have in common. At this point in time, almost everything about them is being trolled by a web brigade of selected bots and algorithms. This is not just about suppressing or belittling what the three of them are saying, but bringing it to the next level: censoring their activity in order to make them as invisible as possible. They are being deleted, of course only from the virtual world.

Never before on the planet was such an all-pervasive, all-encompassing control possible. The power of those software robots is unheard of and we humans are not used to it.

Whether we know it or not, we are fighting the web brigade (the trolls and bots) every day! Our brains register it to a certain extent but it is also a mathematical challenge in which you get caught, dumbfounded and even sometimes determined to rise to the challenge.

Now I guess I need to explain who Fan Bingbing is…

Now I guess I need to explain who Fan Bingbing is. Well, she is the World’s most famous actress who disappeared in China after she committed tax fraud and was also strictly censored on the Internet, to the point that there was not a trace of her left on the Chinese Internet.

The total digital control experienced by someone who is dangerous only for her principles and her life choices but is otherwise unarmed and not in any way agressive is something Fan shares with the Yellow Vests and Juan Branco, but of course this is where my comparison ends. Still, it gives a striking picture of the world we may all soon live in.

Now who are the French Yellow Vests?

They are French citizens who have great difficulty making ends meet and discovered that those difficulties grew  exponentially and unexplicably in the past few years and months. They are fed up. Since 17 November 2018, they have been demonstrating on streets all over France in numbers reaching sometimes hundreds of thousands, every Saturday. They now represent great hope for the majority of French citizens who want radical political change with the current situation.  Yet, on the Internet and in the media, their voices and requests are as suppressed as possible. Their videos and tweets and posts are deleted and they are called ridiculous and a marginalized group of badly brought up troublemakers. The official opinion is that they threaten democracy.

What do they want?

Three points are at the top of their list: they want a sixth republic instead of the current fifth republic, they want the resignation of the French President Emmanuel Macron and they want a democratic regime which includes consultation of the citizenry through a referendum. Besides – how could I forget to mention that? –  in their list of requests, many Yellow Vests say they want free choice for the “smart” meters called Linkys in France and they do not want 5G, or at least want a public consultation on the topic.

Finally, who is Juan Branco?

Juan Branco is the French-Spanish author of a book called Crépuscule (Twilight) which is the current number 1 best-seller all over France but is hardly mentioned on the Internet or in the French media and is a taboo topic on French television. Good that this book is still available for sale. France is (still) a free country, right?

I close my eyes. Fan Bingbing is alive, vibrant and beautiful … and powerful, still.

I see the Yellow Vests walking, in a tribal movement, much as the platoons of French soldiers walked on the roads of France generations ago time and time again for so many wars. Except that this time they are unarmed; they are bringers of peace.

I see the book of Juan Branco. Would you imagine that he has released it for free on the Internet? Paradoxically, this does not damage sales and it remains number 1 in the bookshops …  What a paradox! In real life, you have to pay for a copy but on the net he’s happy if it is even still available and not  censored (I suggest you read it quickly if you read French or if you can run it through some online translator…).

I see all three images, like pieces of a huge jigsaw puzzle, earthly pieces, and I know that we humans are at a crossroads, and that it could get much, much worse for all of us.

The bees are collapsing to extinction, the bots and the web brigade can mess up reality even more, so much so that we don’t pay attention and may find out only next time we go to the supermarket and cannot buy honey any more.

On the Internet we’ll read that there is no more honey but we won’t be told it’s because the bees disappeared but rather because the Chinese are buying up all of it …

The virtual world is so unreal 

The rollout of “smart” meters and 5G is using so much of the Earth’s resources, putting so much electrosmog and radiation in the air and is coming to virtually every home on this planet … to a street near you and your family.

Back to my chorus question. How do we stop this, how do we #Stop5G?

I don´t buy into the deep state conspiracy. Actually, I confess I became a fan of Juan Branco´s book. You see, Branco explains very well how the money, in France, belongs to only a handful of people. For him, that is the problem and the solution.

He explains that, in recent years, the very rich doubled and tripled their fortunes very quickly and he explains that this is not necessarily just because they are good at business.

In fact, when laws and rules make a few companies the only ones you are allowed to buy from, then it is just not possible to go on any more. Governments buy from a handful of companies, too – always the same ones and the competition is just rigged.

According to Branco, France has fallen under the control of just a handful of individuals. What if it were the same in the whole world?

According to Branco, France has fallen under the control of just a handful of individuals. What if it were the same in the whole world? These people are not bad, but just no more enlightened than anyone else and they continue to do business just as they always did …

This simple way to look at the reasons behind the dead end we have reached – so simple… but enough to see how it was bound to be. Let’s face it: these individuals would not be real philanthropists because real ones redistribute their wealth. Did you know that J. K. Rowling,  the author of Harry Potter, lost her status as a billionaire because of her charitable giving? This is so beautiful and seems so right, doesn´t it? Now I understand that it may take an Earth army of Yellow Vests peacefully and vigorously stomping the planet and making noise all around the world.

So that the billionaires wake up and understand that there is no more honey to be made.

Let’s keep the Internet at a healthy distance and start walking…

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