Mongoose: Cory Digs on Clinton Podesta Pedophilia Network?

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Two Alert Readers sent this in…see especialy the network of kindergartens in China where children are being drugged and then raped — run by a Clinton associate…

Are Bill & Hillary Clinton Involved with Child Trafficking?

Option C. They created bills, instilled laws, built relationships, worldwide databases, countless initiatives, partnerships, and global hotlines – all with direct access to, and knowledge of, children and their whereabouts. In both politics and business they are known as the procurement specialists, often using this language in their press releases.

Table of Contents and Other Links Below the Fold.

  • Timeline of Hillary’s Work Specifically Involving Infants & Children:
  • Hillary’s Involvement with The International Center for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC)
  • Global Modern Day Slavery Directory – A Clinton Global Initiative
  • Pedophile Cover-Up of U.S. Ambassador While Hillary Clinton Was Secretary of State
  • Former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner
  • NXIVM, Calre Bronfman, Allison Mack, Kirsten Gillibrand et al
  • The Podesta Brothers
  • Laura Silsby
  • [Mossad Pedophile Entrapment Specialist] Jeffrey Epstein
  • Actor Kevin Spacey
  • Joel A. Getz, Independent Director of Chain of Private Kindergartens in China
  • Harold H.L. Moody
  • George Nader
  • The Verdict

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Phi Beta Iota: It is a mistake to think that the Clintons and the Democratic Party (which recently advanced legislation, the Equality Act) to make pedophilia legal, are the center of the pedophilia (and murderous pedophilia) scourge. The Republicans — and the Bush Family as well as the Romney Family — are heavily engaged in pedophilia networks.  Human trafficking appears to be more lucrative, and more in demand, than drugs. Disposable chidlren (with no birth certificates or record of entry into the USA) are particularly valuable as Satanic ritual offerings. We cannot over-state the degree to which this problem exists at every level (in every county across America) nor can we overstate the fact that NSA and the FBI, particularly well equipped to eliminate pedophilia as well as  treason overnight, have not been allowed to do their jobs. Politics controls the government and the pedopphiles control politics — both wings of the same bird.

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