State of the Nation: Another False Flag Synaogogue Shooting With a Fake Hero — UPDATE Chabad Zionist Rabbi Sheriff…

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Another False Flag Synaogogue Shooting With a Fake Hero That’s Probably a Total Hoax

The Mossad Owns and Operates the American Terrorist Industry

SOTN Editor’s Note: Sorry to say that yesterday’s shooting at the San Diego-area synagogue has all the elements of not only a false flag but also juvenile hoax.  That there was an assault rifle involved and so many children in the line of fire lends to the strong likelihood that this bogus terrorist attack was carried out as a psyop to implement gun control in California.

UPDATE: This was a Chabbad Zionist false flag event in partnership with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). It will not be properly investigated.  It is now legal to lie and do false flags with and without mind control and real dead, in the USA. We call on President Donald Trump to put an end to these atrocities, and expel Zionists (not Jews) from the USA.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I personally consider Zionism (and Wahhibism, a form of crypto-Zionism) to be the ultimate evil and Benjamin Netanyahu the ultimate war criminal (servant class) along with the Rothchilds, Vatican/Caesar’s Club, Chabad Cult, and the most senior leaders in the City of London, Wall Street, and select European banks,.  Most Jews despise Zionism and most Mossad officers despise Benjamin Netanyahu. Oliver North was fired from the National Rifle Association (NRA) in part because he lacks ethics and does not really support the Second Amendment — he’d rather run drugs and nurture chaos.  False flags ineptly done are a blessing from heaven — they are the fault line between the Deep State and its Shadow Government (including a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that disgraces the Constitution every single day) — and the public in search of the truth and justice.  This is where the NRA should be focusing, along with ending all red flag laws and destroying the idiot judges that held a weapons company liable for a death — so much for the car companies with that idiot precedent. The timing of this false flag — immediately after a federal court slammed down on the unconstitutional Texas law bribed and blackmailed by the Zionists making it a crime to call for a boycott of Zionist genocidal apartheid criminal state of Israel — and followed immediately by Netanyahu announcing a summit on anti-semitism — is a huge “tell.”  Netanyahu is a piece of shit who should be barred from ever entering the USA.  The Zionist embassy should be shut down and most of their officers declared Personna Non Grata (PNG).  The FBI and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) should be gutted and rebuilt from scratch with ethical officers truly committed to the Constitution. Anyone complicit in a false flag operation on US soil should be put to death immediately after a military tribunal judgement.  This includes all the crisis actors and all the law enforcement personnel lying to the public, the media, and the courts under national security warrants.  First of course, the President has to take note, do 9/11 disclosure, reverse the Smith-Mundt Act approval of lying to the US public, ideally, close down DHS and cut the secret IC by 70%.  I believe very strongly in Truth & Reconciliation. I also believe very strongly is ZERO TOLERANCE for those that disrespect the US Constitution and particularly its pre-amble, which provides the six purposes for the Constitution and the Republic represented by the Constitution, itself a “mission statement” and an operating manual for the United States of America:

To form a more perfect union;
To establish justice;
To insure domestic tranquility;
To provide for the common defense;
To promote the general welfare; and
To secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.

The United STATES of America is in the fight of the century for its very soul. The enemy is inside the wire and includes all those bribed and blackmailed by Zionists to put Israel First — President Trump has one year to make a choice: America First, or Israel First.  I believe he has made that choice and is biding his time.  God Bless America.

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UPDATE: As this went to press, reports emerged of a new shooting in Baltimore that was initially covered by the Russians because American media outlets were either asleep or waiting for instructions. As we have previously noted, there are false flags with real dead people and fake dead people, and there are shooters who are real (minds destroyed by an insane society) and contrived (mind controlled and triggered for effect). The sadness is that none of this is necessary and the US Government is both the source of the problem and refusing to address the problem. We do not believe a civil war will be started in the USA between blacks and whites or Christians and Muslims. A civil war does exist between extreme leftists and the rest of the country that values community, country, ethics, family, and nation. We project a great deal of truth making it into the public square, aided by massive class action lawsuits against the mainstream media and the social media, all of which are part of a Deep State Zionist web of falsity that is nothing less than treasonous.

It merits comments that the media (both main and social) are NOT reporting on 96% of what matters to the public — the same non-reporting ratio achieved by the US secret intelligence community. The opportunity for a functional truth channel and full spectrum Public Intelligence Service System (PISS) is epic.

Eight People Shot in Baltimore, One Fatally, Suspect at Large – Report

7 shot, 1 fatally near Baptist church in Baltimore, gunman on the run

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