Ben Harrison: Big Tech Censorship

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“The techno-fascist organizations like Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and even Wikipedia have become a clear and present danger to humanity. ”  Natural

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Ben Garrison @ Phi Beta Iota

ROBERT STEELE: I continue to believe that the President should be exerting the full force of the law against these criminal corporations that are in constant violation of the First Amendment, Title 7, and also destroying businesses and livelihoods (torturous interference) with impunity.  A RICO investigation and criminal grand jury should be ongoing.  Separately the public should be convening a massive class action lawsuit against these politicized predators. Finally, we need a completely new Web 3.0 that includes four nested capabilities, all distributed, none reliant on cloud services or data centers controlled by corporations or governments.

  • protected valuations (coin, savings, deeds, trust, etc)
  • protected tools (cannot be programmed to lie)
  • protected data (cannot be erased or manipulated)
  • protected communities (competition of ideas, no one can be censored)

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