John Lear: False Flag Fake News Boeing Remote Hijack, Not Anti-Stall, and Zionists, are the Cause, Not a “Mistake,” of the Murders of All Aboard Lion Air and Ethiopian Airways

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The Lion Air and Ethiopian Airways Boeing 737 were both taken down by the Zionists to assassinate one specific passenger in each aircraft. They leveraged Boeing built in remote hijack capabilities to put both aircraft into the ground. The current story about anti-stall software failures is a cover-up.

In the early 1980's beginning with the 757 Boeing engineered, designed and secretly installed the BUA (Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot). The BUA was designed to take over complete control of the airplane (which can be flown from a secret station on the ground) in case of a hijack. They made it so powerful that even the pilot couldn't override the controls and the way they did that was to set the actuators at 150 pounds instead of the normal 80. Any other flight control device like a yaw damper can be overridden by the pilots because it would only take 80 pounds of force. But the BUA was set to 150 pounds so that there was no way a pilot could override the system. And the BUA was installed in every single Boeing airliner except for those operated by Lufthansa. Lufthansa knew the hazards and shortcomings of such a system and made Boeing take the BUA out of every single Boeing airliner that Lufthansa operated.

Israel found a way to hack into the BUA from a satellite and can take over any Boeing airliner anywhere in the world give it a “full nose down” command and the pilots would be unable to save the airplane. Which is what happened to Lion and and Ethiopian Airlines. And, oh by the by, MS370.

Boeing is trying to blame the MCAS anti-stall until unit which is complete bs because the MCAS only operates in the ‘low speed' region of the flight envelope. Boeing and the FAA are caught with their pants down because there was no FAA certification of the BUA so they can ‘t admit its there. So far the BUA has been responsible for 585 deaths of passengers and crewmembers and has not prevented one single hijack. John Lear May 1, 2019

Oh, let me add: I grew up having autopilots, yaw dampers. and automatic flight control systems for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My father earned the Collier Trophy in 1949 for the development of the autopilot for the F-84 and other jet fighters. I was an instructor on the Lockheed L-1011 Automatic Flight Control System which was a Lear L-102C. So I know what I am talking about.

Question & Answer

Q. Do the pilots have any way to disengage from external access, not just satellites but close in aircraft within path loss distance of airborne equipment capable of assuming command of the aircraft?

A.No, the pilot has no way to disconnect from satellite or proximity control. And yes control from an aircraft in close proximity is possible. It is even the way that Israel flew MS370 from Tel Aviv to intercept the fictitious MS17 flight route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. And when the 2 Israeli fighters had guided MS370 over Zionist controlled Ukraine they shot it down blaming the Russians. On scene doctors were perplexed as to why all of the passengers had been dead for 3 weeks. This is while the Crises actors at Schipol tearfully sobbed, moaned and groaned about their lost relatives in MS17 which never existed. (Searches still go on for MS370 HEY GUYS.. its in a field in Ukraine pretending to be MS17.) The 5 Chinese on board who co-held the patent (secret invention) with Jacob Rothschild were eliminated. Unfortunately Jacob was killed in a midair several months later and the patent went to the Carlyle Group who had planned the whole thing anyway.

All control surface actuators (autopilot, yaw damper, automatic flight control systems) are set to 80# so that the pilot can over ride the system in case of a problem. Only the BUA is set to 150#. That is why the 2 airliner Captain suicides, Colorado Springs United 585 and (Northwest?) 487 in Pittsburgh weren't yaw damper hard overs as NTSB ruled. Just more nonsense from NTSB.

ROBERT STEELE:  When I warned the US Government about cyber-security in 1994, they turned it over to NSA and NSA created backdoors into all US communications and computing systems, with the full complicity of the leaders of all those private corporations who should be held accountable for violating their fiduciary responsibilities to all their stakeholders.

Similarly, when the Zionists or Dick Cheney or both realized that he needed to be able to stage aircraft hijackings as a regular false flag event — and particularly for 9/11 known to be in the planning since 1988, Boeing appears to have been happy to accommodate. In essence, Boeing has put a “poison pill” into each of its aircraft, and Boeing is not safe to fly if you are a high value target of the Zionists or the rogue elements of the US Government, or unfortunate enough to be on the same aircraft as one of them.

Like 9/11, which was covered up by Robert Mueller and the FBI with the active complicity of judges and prosecutors on the Zionist payroll (many of them on video doing bad things to small children), no aircraft accident — or false flag incident — is honestly investigated. All investigations are lip service at best and cover ups at worst.


A more nuanced understanding of the Zionist scourge in the USA would label it the Nazi/Zionist scourge.  Two forms of evil converged and the USA was their petri dish.

John Lear adds:

I posted a story several months ago about how I suspected that Ben Rich, former head of Lockheed Skunkworks was in fact the highest ranking Mossad spy west of the Mississipppi. It is a fact that Lockheed Skunkworks under the direction of Ben Rich built 64 highly advanced F-19 Stealth Fighters (much more advanced than the F-117A) charged it to the F-117A program and delivered most of the to Israel. Gen. Bobby Bonds Air Force head of the F-117A program accidentally found out about it and in 1984 they had to kill him to keep the program secret. The way they killed him was they invited Gen. Bonds to fly the F-19. He accepted, took off from Groom Lake and headed south. At the southern boundary of the Nevada National Security Site he started a turn back to Groom at which point they gave the F-19 a full nose down command and Gen. Bonds crashed into Little Skull Mountain at 450 kts. They (the Zionists who control Groom Lake) put out a cover story that he was flying a MiG 23 which was total BS. There is a little plaque near where Gen. Bond crashed at Little Skull Mt. noting that this was where the Gen Crashed. Most of what I am telling you can be found in Richs book “Skunkworks” but without the back story I am telling you. This whole story I posted on my FB page during the summer of last year. In November I went to the celebration of life of Darryl Greenamyer former Lockheed Blackbird test pilot. My wife Marilee and I were sitting at one of the banquet tables when a friend of mine who had been a Lockheed employee for the Skunkworks (retired for many years) came over, shook my hand and said, “John, there are a few of us at Lockheed that appreciate your telling our secrets.” They can'tr say anything about whats going on and risk losing their pensions. John Lear May 16, 2019.

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