Robert Steele: Counterintelligence Failure by CIA and NSA in Venezuela UPDATE 1

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La plus grande défaite de la CIA depuis des décennies

The greatest defeat of CIA in two decades

Valentin Vasilescu

It is only now that the Americans have learned that all the opposition groups of the Caracas regime have been infiltrated by agents of the SEIN counterintelligence.

Full translation, comment, and GRU video below the fold.


With the acquisition by Venezuela of su-30 aircraft, S-300 anti-aircraft systems, T-72 tanks of coastal batteries of Russian bastions, the Pentagon headquarters (USSOUTHCOM) in charge of Central America and the South has set up means of Technological Espionage (TECHINT-technical intelligence) to evaluate, analyze and interpret information on the combat equipment of the Venezuelan army.

These are MASINT (Measurement and signature intelligence) means that receive at a distance, the vibrations, the pressure, the caloric energy produced by the combat systems. There are also other means (ELINT) for the electronic emissions from radar and radionavigation systems that equip the surface-to-air missile systems, aircraft and military vessels of Venezuela.

But most spying methods have been used to intercept communication networks (COMINT). The National Electronic Intelligence Agency (NSA) has a network called ECHELON, designed for the interception and recording of communications by telephone, fax, radio and data traffic through US spy satellites.

USSOUTHCOM was able to assess, through COMINT, the state of mind, loyalty or dissatisfaction of army commanders and heads of central and local political authorities. The official version of Russia and China, hardly credible, is that they did not send experts in espionage and counterintelligence in Venezuela. Unlike this version, since January, when the United States introduced the self-proclaimed President Juan Guaido, Venezuela's counter-espionage leadership seems to have been taken over by a super James Bond. One of the Pentagon's findings is the discontinuation of data collection by the NSA through the COMINT process. However, Venezuela does not have such advanced technology to block the reception of NSA satellites.

Faced with this situation, the initiative in Venezuela was taken over by the CIA, specializing in HUMINT (Human inteligence). That is, spying with infiltrated US agents, who in turn have networks of local informants. But soon after, the small Venezuelan counterintelligence service (SEBIN: Servicio Boliviariano de Intelligencia Nacional) managed to humiliate the CIA. It is only now that the Americans have learned that all the opposition groups of the Caracas regime have been infiltrated by agents of the SEBIN counterintelligence.

Thanks to undercover SEBIN officers, in the US-funded press, there was an operation with the selection and publication of the most miraculous but unreliable news related to political developments in Venezuela. There were thus several “leaks” that were delivered to the CIA, as, for example, the intention of some generals in the first Venezuelan task force to betray Maduro and release the arrested political opponents.

In order to gain the confidence of the CIA agents, SEBIN members even organized conspiracy meetings with Venezuelan generals, under full information control of SEBIN and military counterintelligence. The “desertion” of General Manuel Figuera, head of the SEBIN, the release of Leopoldo Lopez from his house arrest, and the provision, for Juan Guaido, of a platoon of soldiers belonging to the SEBIN, to take the garrison Carlota to Caracas, more than 1,000 soldiers, were part of the poisoning operation of the CIA agents. To convince Washington of the success of the coup.

The White House has finally given the green light to the action of April 30 which has become the biggest failure of the CIA in recent decades. Venezuela has proven that fighting with patriotism and professionalism, even for an embargoed South American country, can break the CIA's plans.

ROBERT STEELE: I know something about Venezuela and I know something about how the Soviets and Cubans have always “owned” Venezuelan intelligence and therefore Venezuelan politics. It was that lesson, learned in 1986, that caused me to realize that counterintelligence is the other book-end to secret intelligence, the first being Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). “Do not send a spy where a schoolboy can go” must ALWAYS be matched with “always know what your counterpart spies are doing.” This is where CIA  and NSA and the NRO fail every time.

The author makes one fundamental mistake in neglecting the very strong and very superior presence of Cuban intelligence and counterintelligence across Venezuela, which has always been a US launching pad for really stupid shit aimed at Cuba (and thus useful to the Cubans as a means of pulsing the state of CIA's idiocy on any given day), and a second mistake in assuming that the Soviets are recent arrivals — they have been there for decades, as have the Chinese. I have long wanted to get a grip on what percentage of CIA's covert operations budget for Cuba goes directly to the Cubans via their expertly managed double-agents, all of whom have “passed” CIA's mediocre poloygraph examinations.

The author also makes a mistake in assuming that NSA's cover story for a lack of coverage on Venezuela is true. The fact is that NSA stinks at coverage of all countries less Russia, China, and North Korea, and even there they have limits and only process one percent of what they collect. Much of what NSA did collect was assuredly controlled disinformation intended to be captured by NSA. NSA would be a joke if it were not a national travesty. It does not provide signals intelligence support to clandestine operations abroad or counterintelligence operations at home and most of what it produces for the President from a SIGINT point of view is worthless or worse (including lies).

I am delighted that Pompeo and Bolton and Abrams have been handed their ass, but I would have preferred that Gina Haspel had been properly briefed on what we know from the past about who controls every aspect of intelligence in Venezuela, she could have used this to help the President keep his Zionist neo-cons in check. She is holding the line on Iran, I want her to hold the line on Venzuela and Syria. This would be a good time for Gina to think seriously about a complete make-over of the entire IC — termination of the DNI, consolidation of the 30% worth saving from each technical agency into CIA, and sponsorship by the President of an Open Source Agency, the “President's Own,” as a foundation for evidence-based cutting of the US federal budget and government by 50% in his second term. Amy Zegart had it right in her book Flawed by Design: “fix big or don't fix at all.”

The abject failure of the CIA (and NSA, which fell prey to a Russian-Cuban version of the Zionist talking rocks) in Venezuela is an OPPORTUNITY. I continue to believe that CIA is a vital element of our national security team, and I continue to believe that the leaders of our national security team are lying sacks of shit that disgrace the Republic every single day.  Gina Haspel has a chance to stand out if she will surround herself with a few good honest people and tell the President the truth. I pray for her success.

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UPDATE 1: Formal publication including Bill Binney

Robert Steele with Javad Heirannia: Counterintelligence Failure by CIA and NSA in Venezuela – An Opportunity for President Donald Trump to Reform US Intelligence

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