Robert Steele: DoJ Review of CIA Russian Analysis — About Time (Mike Morrell is Afraid, Very Afraid, and So He Should Be)

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Ex-top CIA official perturbed by John Durham's review of intelligence analysts

ROBERT STEELE: Worth a full read. Mike Morrell is afraid, and so he should be, because it will become immediately clear that the analysts were not allowed to do their job and were told what their conclusions would be before hand — just as Robert Gates did back in the day. DoJ should give  the CIA analysts full immunity and demand one on one accounts backed up by a polygraph.  Bill Binney and I called this bullshit on day one from the cheap seats, and history has proven us correct.  CIA analysts are not stupid — they know a con job from John Brennan when they see one. That Directorate of Analysis leaders did not have the stones to stand up to John Brennan will surprise no one at all.

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