SPECIAL: Bill Binney & Kirk Wiebe with Dave Janda on NSA Corruption and Sabotage of the Trump Presidency

Civil Society, Corruption, Ethics, Government, Military

In this edition of Insider Insight, made public by our subscribers, Dave sits down with two Legends of the Intel community to discuss the KEY to end the “Russia-Trump hack lie” & shed light on the existence of illegal surveillance. They also discuss the Hammer [HAMR] platform.

Bill & Kirk outline means in which these parallel systems can be used to help but in the wrong hands can cause tremendous harm. This is a must watch interview for anyone interested in how digital intrusion / surveillance really works. Both speak about Seth Rich, Kim.com, Sy Hersch and the many who have tried to shed the light on the enormous corruption festering in every layer of government.

As Kirk stated: “NSA does not want any information out susceptible to shed any light on its wrongdoing for so many years. That is the reason why they go to such an extent to shut up all whistleblowers.”

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