Memorandum for the First Lady: Subject – A Politics of Love (the book and the author), you, your husband, and America UPDATE 2: Thank You Note Received

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5 July 2019

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UPDATE 2: The Chief of Staff realized a serious mistake was made. Now they have officially accepted the packages, which are probably in the trash. The First Lady has no idea her mail is being filtered by embedded Zionists.

UPDATE 1: USPS has informed me that my two USPS packages have been REFUSED at the White House, no doubt because I, like Ben Garrison, am on the Zionist enemies list.  President Trump has lost control of the White House. I have informed the Chief of Staff, let's see if they can correct this. I have also asked for a USPS investigation, the case number is: HQ143773672. It is a violation of 18 US Code 1701 to obstruct delivery of mail to intended recipients.


Subject: A Politics of Love (the book and the author), you, your husband, and America


A copy of this memorandum, the book, and the three book reviews is being provided to Kellyanne Conway under separate cover. I believe there is something huge here that the two of you need to examine, embrace, and integrate into the President’s program.

Women are now ready to take over – the age of matriarchal compassion and wisdom is returning. It is no coincidence that Tomi Lahren is such a hit across America – somewhere between the four of you – Williamson, Lahren, Conway, and you, the First Lady, there is a national conversation to be nurtured that is about people, not parties – about being authentic, inclusive, and truthful….about a politics of love.

I have unconventional sources and methods including two top pollsters (one on the right, one on the left, both not used by the campaign) that could help the President comprehend women, Generation Z, or old guys like me that want the President to unrig the system with #UNRIG election reform, and give veterans – all 22 million of us – the respect of NOT sending us to wars based on lies, wars that are a profit center for the banks and the foreign powers that have bribed and blackmailed our Congress. There is a huge anti-war movement across this country, and the President could lose Florida in part because veterans and the base are angry about the obvious influence of Zionists across the government, and the President’s failure to extract us, as promised, from the Middle East. Venezuela was simply moronic.  I served there. Cuban intelligence owns Venezuelan intelligence and the Russians pay the Cuban bills there. The President was lied to by Bolton, CIA, and State.

George Will is the third mind that I want to put on the table for your consideration. He is the first person to really articulate what the President has not been speaking to.  I am voting for the President again – I was the first to write that he could win in August 2015 and went on to do the Trump Revolution Series at Amazon Kindle – because we need two or three more Supreme Court Justices that will overturn executive orders and agency law-making that are unconstitutional, and equally overturn legislation that is unconstitutional – the 27 states that have made it a felony to speak freely about the need to boycott Zionist Israel come to mind, as does everything about TSA’s unreasonable search and seizure now being extended to bus and train stations.

I realize it is hard to find time to read a book when you are at the pinnacle of power, and this is why I have provided a summary book review for the book I am recommending, as well as a summary book review for the other two books that complete what I think of as a tri-fecta of renewal for the President.

It is my hope you will not neglect what I believe to be a very precious opportunity to reach out to both Marianne Williamson and Tomi Lahren – a televised conversation with them would be most extraordinary – and to suggest to the President that he overlook George Will’s antipathy and focus on the substance of his master work. We want our country back and we are tired of the police treating us like cockroaches (which is how the Zionists train our police to treat us). The President needs to shut-down the foreign mis-adventures and focus on re-instating a conservative culture of family values and hard work – no entitlements – at home. I hope you find what I am sending you a useful starting point, for it is sent with respect, loyalty, and love.

Semper Fidelis,
Robert David Steele


Review: A Politics of Love by Marianne Williamson with Additional Links

Review: Never Play Dead – How the Truth Makes You Unstoppable by Tomi Lahren

Review: The Conservative Sensibility by George F. Will – Handbook for an American Renaissance


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