Yoda: US Army War College Lacks Ethics, Cancels “Controversial” Speaker

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Historian Raymond Ibrahim, author of Sword and Scimitar: Fourteen Centuries of War Between Islam and the West, discusses the implications of the US Army War College’s decision to cancel his speaking engagement after Muslim activists protested.

ROBERT STEELE:  I have personal experience with the lack of ethics are Carlisle. In my case, as a long-time (since mid-1990's) Adjunct Researcher, was granted $9000 to do three monographs on the future of the US Army. I was paid. The monographs were scheduled for production. Then the Strategic Studies Institute cancelled production. They gave as their reasons my public statements about US Government sponsorship of false flags, and the media hit job (they did not stop to think it might be a media hit job) saying that I had say there were child sex slaves on Mars.  What I actually said what that in the past children were used on 20 year and out missions so they would grow up enroute, and that there is a base on Mars with 10,000 people who are never coming home.  What I should have said was that a retired NASA PhD told me this, in the presence of others, and that the literature amply supports this proposition. Whoever pulled this invitation is a chickenshit. The Muslim Antifa rabble are now learning the Zionist trick that has been used to silence so many, including David Icke: the use of trolls to simulate a wave of protest. In my view, the failure to expose the best and the brightest of the US Army officer corps to controversial ideas, while teaching them to think critically, is a court martial offense.

Shame on Carlisle, Shame on the US Army.

In my case, the consequence of the SSI decision not to publish me is that my three monographs, mailed free to all US Army flag officers and a selection of others, and visible free online at the SSI, censored my rather good contribution. The US Army at Carlisle is thus no better — and just as amoral — as the BigTech social media platforms censoring conservatives.

Shame on Carlisle, Shame on the US Army.

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