Gordon Duff: A Letter to President Trump about Satanic Zionist Influence — A Runaway Train

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Not Without Breaking Eggs, So Many Eggs

By Gordon Duff

A Briefing Note for President Donald Trump

Publish only at risk.  [PBI: we choose to publish.]

It was outlined at Finks Bar in Jerusalem and recorded by US Army intelligence.  Across the table from Benjamin Netanyahu, a former Philadelphia furniture salesman, was UN inspector and particle physicist, Jeff Smith.  What was said can easily be found.

None of this is about Jews or even about the survival and security of Israel.  Were Israel threatened by malevolent powers such as Saudi Arabia or, perhaps the United States, many of us would rush to Israel’s defense.

Author Jeff Gates got much of it right, so have others.  The US was a ripe cherry for picking, a nation divided by social class, extremist politics, religion, generations of resentment of immigrants and a long history of racism and anti-Semitism.

What the British empire had done under ‘merchantilism,’ the US would do in the post-war environment.  What was that to be, the answer is simple, subjugate the planet.

Who would want that done?  With all the drivel about secret societies, black nobility, banking cabals and alien overlords, we can trace a very real issue, that of central banks, currency and rule through debt.  We could begin at the 17th century, Britain and the ‘Glorious Revolution,’ where 40,000 mob paid collectors descended on England and turned that nation into what the US has become today, the policeman of the world for very real organized crime.

We all know that Epstein and Maxwell are Mossad, involved in blackmailing key individuals.  There are dozens, even hundreds of ‘Epstein and Maxwell’ teams, they have existed for a very long time and have been managed by the same people who turned Russia Bolshevik in 1917, who put the US into World War I and set up the secretive Federal Reserve, or to go back further in American History, staged the Civil War, or further, created a constitution to overthrow the Articles of Confederation, a form of government intended to fake democracy and enable rule by Europe’s banking cabals through the Federalists.

This is the simple truth.

Today?  The key was to weaken America, flood the nation with immigrants, destroy the trade unions, kill manufacturing, bleed America with trade agreements, pump the nation full of drugs, destroy the youth with MTV, enfeeble the heartland with bible thumping fake religion…

Behind that, Hollywood, diseased, a moral rot, universities all controlled, steeped in mediocrity and political correctness, 100% ownership of news organizations, all news, every side of every question controlled and fake, like Lenin long ago predicted.

By the 1980s, much of it had been done, the psychedelics of the 60’s were replaced by crack cocaine, endless tons of it brought in by the CIA and we can prove it, beyond any doubt whatsoever, moving that up to cheap heroin and inserting that into every town and city, every school, pure heroin as cheap as $10 a day while ‘big pharma’ tooled up for ‘oxy’ and ‘fentanyl’ passed around by fake clinics run by endless immigrant ‘doctors.’

Police?  Radicalized, turned into an occupying army armed with military weapons, feared even by white America, with the promise of full and total surveillance and control by the most corrupt and least trusted element of American society.

The military?  The failed volunteer army, made up of the poor and ignorant, overpaid, coddled, at war continually, led by ‘the perfumed princes of the Pentagon,’ the real ‘losers’ you talk about, easy to compromise, as privatization has tossed $4 trillion into the coffers of a corporate military and intelligence industry answerable to hedge fund managers, not the US.  There is no “US,” not anymore and you well know it.

Behind it?  Mega?  It isn’t just Adelson or Murdoch or Bronfman or even Wexner or Mizel.

It isn’t just control of Google and Facebook.  “They” control all the tech companies as well, with “their” people everywhere.

What have “they” done?  They staged 9/11 but only after stealing 350 nuclear weapons intended for disassembly from Pantex in Amarillo, done with help from the Bush/Clinton Department of Energy and key State Department folks.

They invaded Iraq, killed 2 million, they set up the narco-state in Afghanistan and, through gerrymandering, Citizens United and blackmail rings, run not just congress but DC’s “Sen-Ex” G15s as well, that and the courts, all of them, state governments, all of them, long partnered with the Mexican cartels that now control 7 American states.

You sir, are the conductor of a runaway train.

Very respectufully,
Gordon Duff

ROBERT STEELE: Like all of us and certainly including me, Gordon is a mixed bag but he has a priceless range of knowledge that merits a great deal of respect. The USA does not “do” counterintelligence because counterintelligence is part of the rigged system.  Up to now, the FBI (founded by a pedophile and used from day one to blackmail Members of Congress and others) has not been allowed to do its job at the same time CIA has gone off the deep end with covert operations including the smuggling of guns, gold, drugs, cash, and small children rather that focusing on creating decision-support for the President, all senior leaders, front-line commanders, and homeland responders.

I want to specifically validate Gordon's point about hundreds of Epstein.Maxell teams around the world. I was the only one to say from the beginning that Epstein was a fake billionaire, a probable Mossad officer (as is Ghislaine Maxwell), and that similar less exposed teams exist in every state of the Union.

I won't post links for this one.  My entire life since 1993 when I resigned from the Marine Corps rather than be silenced on Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) the modern discipline I founded and CIA quickly aborted, my focus has been on the depth and breadth of lies that are the common currency of pathological power against the public interest, and the creation of an architecture for truth.

I believe that Epstein and 9/11 are the crack in the Deep State's shell that has long been needed.  I pray that President Donald Trump will go the distance in taking down the Deep State and expelling the Zionist parasite from the US economy, US government, and US society. I am also certain that if President Trump does not finish the job, someone else will.

Semper Fidelis,
Robert David Steele

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