Mongoose: The Sackler Family Opiod Crime Kings

07 Health, 10 Transnational Crime, Commerce, Corruption, Earth Intelligence, Government

A must-see 27-minute documentary on greed, psychopathy and the destruction of millions of people by pushing Valium, Oxycontin and Oxycodone on the elderly, the terminally ill and…younger and younger children.

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How three psychiatrist brothers of one little-known British-American family, the Sackler, created single-handedly the opioid crisis by purchasing a small pharmaceutical company, Perdue Fredericks, renaming it Perdue Pharma and methodically and systematically corrupting the entire medical establishment and regulatory agencies though perverse incentives, bribery and “philanthropy and patronage of the arts” for over 50 years.

And how, having caused the opioid epidemic in the US and the Western world, the family attempted to profit even more by offering and pushing more addictive medications, allegedly intended to help addicts get off their addiction. Just as Johnson and Johnson was recently hit by Oklahoma with a very large verdict, Perdue and the Sackler family are slowly meeting their day of reckoning.

People are slowly waking up. “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

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