Zero Hedge: Trillions in “Assets” Have No Financial Disclosure to Support Them — Vast Portion of the Wealth of the 1% is “Made Up”

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“Liquidity Dies In Darkness”: Trillions In Assets Have No Financial Disclosure To Support Them

Under the banner of “doing whatever it takes,” trillions in loanable funds were created so that now $17 trillion in global debt is priced to yield less than nothing.

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Phi Beta Iota: The invented loanable funds are half the picture.  The other half of the picture is the invention of wealth by the (private) banks and the acceptance of fabricated wealth by the SWIFT system — $3 billion “invented” in Switzerland has been “accepted” as “real” wealth in the USA and elsewhere enabling the purchase of “real” assets with fictional wealth.  This is why we need a Global Currency Reset and a radical redistribution of wealth to the bottom of the financial pyramid.  There are signs President Trump is executing such a maneuver, long planned by the Elders and others.

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