Steven Aftergood: Leaker Intentions Are Ruled Out by Court

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Steven Aftergood

A Leaker’s Motives Are Irrelevant, Gov’t Says

Disclosing classified information without authorization is a crime even if the leaker had good intentions and was motivated by a larger public interest, the government said this week. Therefore, any mention of the purpose of the disclosure should be ruled out of bounds in trial, government attorneys argued.

Defense challenges to secrecy policy and classification decisions should also be prohibited, the government argued in a separate motion in the Hale case.

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ROBERT STEELE: The Court is totally corrupt and wrong on this one.  Over time US law has moved away from natural and Roman law toward the “letter of the law” that is too easily bought from Congress and interpreted by judges who have been bribed or entraped in pedophilia blackmail and other forms of extortion. Honest judges are being destroyed by false accusation and dishonest judgments imposed by the same corrupt judges and prosecutors.  It is particularly pernicious for the court to make both these arguments (motives do not matter and classification cannot be argued) in light of both the  Constitution, which the Court is supposed to protect from the abuse of power that leaks and calls for declassification seek to limit.

William Binney: By Presidential Order “In no case shall information be classified, continue to be maintained as classified, or fail to be declassified in order to: …

Certainly the Court should challenge false statements about motive.  Pollard, for example, is a piece of shit that offered his leaks to Turkey and one other country before finally approaching Israel. He was and remains a traitor, pure and simple. Ellsberg, by contrast, and Manning, clearly had good motives. Snowden is still up in the air for me, there is too much about that case that reeks of CIA sheep-dipping and a CIA attack against NSA.

We need an honest court, a thoughtful court, that defends the Constitution. The integration of our political class (corrupt judges along with corrupt legislators and corrupt executive) with our financial class (corrupt in every sense of the word includiing psychopathic moral emptiness) is the greatest threat to the Republic. This is the center of gravity for the 2nd American Revolution, and this is why full disclosure by the President rooted in his epic executive order on human trafficking, is the essential next step.

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