Robert Steele: 31 Years After I Said So, Army Gets a Clue on Open Source and Cyber … UPDATE 1: DefDog Comments

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Commercial threat intelligence has become a key Army tool

What we find is, we go out and we buy commercial threat intel,” Lt. Gen. Stephen Fogarty, the head of Army Cyber Command, said Sept. 16 at an event hosted by the Association of the U.S. Army.

In addition, the recently retired head of Special Operations Command, Gen. Raymond “Tony” Thomas has described how intelligence will begin with open source and then officials will fill in the gaps with information from classified channels. The proliferation of technology and information sharing capability is “forcing us to reconsider the art and science of intelligence,” he said in August 2018.


They need to be very, very careful. Commercial cyber threat intelligence is broken despite what the marketing materials claim. In all my time doing data breach remediation (three years at HPE), none of these guys (from Mandiant to PWC who claim expertise) could tell me that they were sure of their findings……the rigor they used is lacking and when shown how easy it is to use proxy servers to disquise their locations, and with an analyst stopping when he reaches his own hypothesis without checking the (Heuer’s book) underlying facts, you have them all running around saying the Russian’s did it…

Phi Beta Iota: There are two types of external cyber capabilities: those that operate at the code level as featured in the below book review, and those that sell slick commercial services that lie a lot and are more fluff than substance. DefDog is speaking to the latter.

Review: WORM – The First Digital World War

ROBERT STEELE:  Sigh.  Still hosed at the top and clueless at the bottom, but after 31 years of my saying this, am glad someone is getting a vague clue. The damage done to the IC by James Clapper, Mike Hayden, John Brennan, and through neglect, Robert Cardillo and Tish Long, will take a quarter century to un-do.  And that is on  top of the totally dismal state of the IC to begin with.

I won’t provide any references here.  I’ve known and articulated both the problem and the solution since 1988, and the US IC has willfully chosen to betray the President and the public trust all that time.  I am still interested in fixing this.

As a side note, Generals Fogarty and Thomas do not seem to be understand that they are being screwed by design, the sense-making tools do not exist because the complex does not want anyone making sense.  That too can be fixed.  Okay, here are four graphics for those that don’t read.

Just how stupid — or treasonous — do you have to be to not do the right thing for America and the President?  What we have today is expensive crap that does not make sense. The President should be firing the entire “leadership” of the IC and starting over. St.

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