Gordon Duff: Russia says Baghdadi killing faked by US [& Israel] UPDATE 11

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Exclusive: Russia says Bagdadi killing faked by US, part of new move against the region by Deep State

Russian intelligence inside Syria reported that their S400 radar systems which cover Idlib saw no American aircraft over the area where the Baghdadi raid was claimed. 

  • UPDATE 11: Robert Steele sums it all up in article published around world
  • UPDATE 10: The many times non-existent ISIS leader has been killed…
  • UPDATE 9: Pablo Escobar – DNA faked, “dead dog” is Abu M. Salama?

  • UPDATE 8: No Whimpering, Fake Dog, Top Secret Stealth Cat
  • UPDATE 7: Zionists Use Kurds to Fake Out DoD on DNA
  • UPDATE 6: Iranians blow public response, forgot this guy already died?
  • UPDATE 5: President furious over being lied to, orders release of video
  • UPDATE 4: Imagery proof raid is a fake (Nordic source)
  • UPDATE 3: US-Israel-ISIS are one — and stealing Syrian oil
  • UPDATE 2: Patriotic PSYOP interpretation — and 4th time this guy “dies”
  • UPDATE 1: Zionists set this up, sucked DoD and CIA in, President lied to

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The Daily Beast: The Kurds Spotted Baghdadi. The U.S. Abandoned Them Anyway [absolute bullshit — this is the Zionist story line along with save the oil]

Russia Today: Russian MoD doubts Trump’s announcement of killing ISIS chief al-Baghdadi, rejects claims it assisted US forces in op

Zero Hedge: “No Proof”: Russia Dismisses Trump's Baghdadi Victory Lap As ‘Propaganda’

Almasdar News: Russia doubts Trump’s claim about killing Baghdadi

The Daily Beast: Russia: Trump’s Baghdadi Victory Lap Is Nothing But ‘Propaganda’

Daily Star (UK): ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ‘not killed by US military’ Russia claims

Independent (UK): ‘We heard bullets, we didn’t know what was going on’: Terrified witnesses describe moment US troops stormed Baghdadi compound

Newsweek: Obama White House Photographer Suggests Trump Situation Room Photo of Unfolding al-Baghdadi Raid Was Staged

Shock claim top ISIS leader is ‘Israeli spy'

ROBERT STEELE: I am reminded of the fake Bin Laden gifted to Barack Obama and Leon  Panetta — US Special Forces were sent to their deaths for political theater, the real Bin Laden having died in 2001 and a series of fakes rolled out by CIA — the last one was a purely Pakistani product. In this instance I believe our President has been lied to and a mix of CIA and Pentagon traitors set the President up.  While there may be DNA kits that work in  real time the normal DNA test takes 24-72 hours; I absolutely do not believe a body was dug out; and I absolutely do not believe Baghdadi was crying and whimpering. This all sounds like bullshit from a juvenile mind in Covert Act Staff lacking in adult supervision. ISIS was created by CIA with the Mossad and Saudi Arabia.  All indications are that the President is being manipulated and his new National Security Advisor is not up to the task for protecting the President from inter-agency lies. I cannot help but emphasize that the CIA and the Pentagon and the FBI have all been covering up 9/11, in which Dick Cheney and Donald  Rumsfeld were the principal US traitors.  I am stunned — just as the President is about to triumph with the FISA indictments, upgraded to criminal and including possibly the murder of Seth Rich, he goes and puts this crap on the table?  This is a very disappointing turn of events.  When the truth comes out, as it inevitably will, the President is going to take a huge credibility hit.

UPDATE 1: Additional information suggests that this was faked at the behest of Israel with the pleading support of Jared Kushner speculatively assumed.  President Trump gave it away when he focused on “securing the oil.” The President has been lied to and manipulated.

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UPDATE 2: Patriotic PSYOP interpretation — and 4th time this guy “dies”

Before It's News (Dave Bertrand): ISIS Raid by Trump Worries Deep State, Benghazi, McCain Treason, Admiral McRaven, Tables Are Turning: Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret. +Videos

What is totally mind boggling is how the fakestream media and the Dems are focusing on how badly Trump is treating the Kurds, “America’s allies,” but yet…..the majority of Americans can’t understand that ISIS was an Obama / CIA transformation of al Qaida…..the Deep State’s army of terrorists used to destroy the Middle East, INCLUDING the Kurds in their attempt to proclaim ancient land and further divide Iraq. 

Phi Beta Iota: The same individual, an alleged Zionist intelligence and covert operations asset was allegedly killed in 2014, again in 2015, and yet again in 2016.  He was used to mislead Senator John McCain, who along with Senator Lindsey Graham has been known to be under blackmail control of the Zionists as well as the CIA.

State of the Nation: Did Deep State forget that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdad died in an Israeli hospital in 2015?

Below is temporary (Zionist refutation) pending original being online again.

National Vanguard: Veterans Today “Report” on Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi as a Jewish “Mossad Agent” Named Simon Elliot

Here is what Gordon Duff has provided me, VT original hacked from his site.

French Report: ISIL Leader Is Mossad Agent – Foreign Affairs – Nairaland

Alert Reader sends in a quote and a comment:

QUOTE:Al-Baghdadi escaped to a tunnel dug under his hideout and took three of his young children.  He was chased by the dogs and when he reached the dead end the terrorist detonated the suicide vest he was wearing. The IS leader and his children died on site, Trump confirmed, saying the body of the notorious militant “was mutilated”, but the tests allowed to identify him.” 

COMMENT: Sounds eerily similar to OBL cowering/shielding behind his wife who took one bullet but then survived, while this one slaughtered his own issue [emotional appeal of disgust], but again his body was either too gory [OBL] to show or too  “mutilated” to put together for anything recognizable. How fitting its all happens underground tunnels; no witnesses. So, what's the upcoming story line of his disposal?  another Islamic proper ‘burial at sea' [non-existent nor customary]?  Or would phantom kin claim this jihadist for final rest at family plot?   Also who'd claim the $25,000,000 bounty…?

UPDATE 3: US-Israel-ISIS are one — and stealing Syrian oil

Veterans Today: Something Stinks in Syria’s Oil Fields

UPDATE 4: Imagery proof raid is a fake (Nordic source)

In Norways largest newspaper VG we got photos from the place Al-Baghdadi was raided, but sorry, its all FAKE. Google earth is NOT updated daily, but on G.E the house is already a ruin, and several things is “missing.

There is suppose to be a storage over the street next to the ruin, and the trees around it are supposed to be “blown away”….On Google earth the trees are still there, but the storage is gone….

Link to google earth and the location [target destroyed before the alleged raid]

Alledge raid site demolished before the raid?

Phi Beta Iota: This reeks of a Zionist reverse false flag — did not happen. Our President has been lied to and then made it worse with exaggeration and hyperpole.  We can understand the potential political value, but the truth about ISIS as a CIA-Mossad operation, the proof of US and Israel stealing Syrian oil, the Russian MOD declaration of the raid as fake, all add up and make the President look bad.  Just as he is about to triumph on FISA, he devalues his political currency with lies?  Not cool at all.

UPDATE 5: President furious over being lied to, orders release of video

ROBERT STEELE: It took less than fifteen minutes for Gordon Duff, an extremely well-connected individual in the region, to blow up the fake raid story. The President now realizes he has been lied to and made it worse with his exaggerations. Now he is talking about releasing the video, which will certainly be a simulation video, and Fox is going “all in” with platitudes from General Jack Keane, who has never met a piece of shit he cannot smell and declare to be prime beef.  This story is CRAP. It diminishes the Presidency and makes it clear the National Security Advisor is naive and ineffective at protecting the President.  Yes, a video exists.  Yes, a patsy dies in the video. No, the raid did not take place where they say it did; it did not produce the result they say it did; and strategically, it is now a political liability.  When are DoD and CIA going to restore their integrity?

To be clear, I continue to believe that President Donald Trump is the greatest possible thing that could have happened toward our shared goal of #MAGA, and I continue to believe that there are White Hats in DoD and CIA — and in the US Army and US Navy particularly — who are priceless to our restored future. Having said that — and having great hopes for the President's political, legal, economic, and cultural triumphs over the next six years — I continue to be dismayed by the chicken-shit nature of White House, GOP, and  campaign operations, that seem to mix bad theater with complete disregard for women, blacks, Latinos, students, and the elderly as well as the working class which is NOT DOING WELL.  The President has the best of intentions but his staff sucks and he is “out of balance” and out of  touch with the pressure points that the rest of us see so clearly.

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Robert Steele: Is President Donald Trump’s Re-Election at Risk? YES!

#UNRIG Shout-Out to President Donald Trump

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Everything we are being taught and told is generally a lie, if not an outright lie then a partial lie. Bill Casey told Ronald Reagan in February 1981 this: “We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

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CIA — and the City of London, Wall Street, UK elite, and Zionists behind CIA — have almost succeeded in destroying America the Beautiful. One person and one person only stands between the total destruction of the USA and our resurrection: President Donald Trump.

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UPDATE 6: Iranians blow public response, forgot this guy already died?

Zero Hedge: US Merely Killed It's “Own Creature”: Iran Reacts To Trump's Baghdadi Speech

Phi Beta Iota: The low-level Iranian functionaries blew this one, forgetting that they themselves had previously outed Baghdadi as Israeli citizen and Mossad operative Elliiot Shimon; that  Shimon was known to have died (a second time) in an Israeli hospital in 2015; and that their trusted Russian allies with very sophisticated radar records have said officially that the raid did not happen. We are increasingly skeptical of Zero Hedge‘s ability to challenge official narratives, particularly when there is a Zionist aspect to the story.

UPDATE 7: Zionists Use Kurds to Fake Out DoD on DNA

The Daily Slut: How U.S. Commandos IDed a ‘Mutilated’ Baghdadi So Quickly [this is clear disinformation, a frantic attempt to recover from scorn]

Zero Hedge: US Used Baghdadi's Blood, DNA-Stained Underwear To ID Exploded ISIS Leader [valuable for fact that Kurds provided all samples]

and then quickly chuck his remains into the ocean.

Zero Hedge: Two Baghdadi Associates Taken Alive In The Raid Along With “Trove” Of Intel

Robert David Steele

ROBERT STEELE: This is so precious.  President Trump now knows that he has been “had.” DoD is now desperate to “authenticate.” First article makes it clear we never had proven DNA for the target, the Zionists provided his underwear and such via the Kurds, meaning the match is a non-proof.  The two captured alive could be mind-controlled patsies or Mossad agents with a script.  I'm still waiting for CIA to produce a reading list.

and then quickly chuck his remains into the ocean.

Seriously? BULLSHIT!  No disrespect to our brave SOF, but the Zionists are playing us all — remember the USS Liberty.  Remember the talking rocks. Remember 9/11.  Mr. President, you have been schlonged.  s/f!

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Mongoose: How Israel Fakes Out NSA with Signal Rocks that Simulate Syrian Army Transmissions About Sarin Gas UPDATE 2 NSA Incompetence

Memoranda for the President on 9/11: Time for False Flag Deep State Truth! UPDATE 19: Israel Did It with Cheney & Mueller [New Book Indicts FBI In Detail]

UPDATE 8: No Whimpering, Fake Dog, Top Secret Stealth Cat

Military's top officer says he CANNOT confirm Donald Trump's account of al-Baghdadi ‘whimpering' before he died, saying president must have spoken to soldiers directly – but says Pentagon WILL release footage of raid

CNN: Trump shares image of hero dog injured in Baghdadi raid

Phi Beta Iota:  Those close to the President are quietly lamenting his penchant for exaggeration and hyperbole (a tautalogical redundancy of terms, we know). The whimpering coward bullshit was not in his script, that was all off the cuff improvisation. Whoever died, with the explosives probably set off by the Mossad officer accompanying the team, they did not whimper and probably had no idea their vest was about to go off.

We are reliably informed that the “declassified” photo of the dog is fake, this particularly dog is working with the military police here  in the USA. What remains Top Secret Codeword FURTIVE FELINE is the use of stealth cats outfitted with video cams. Below is the original CIA concept drawing, a commercially available video cam (the military version includes light shocking device that can control cat movements), and a photo of a prototypical stealth cat — this is what a fake terrorist would see right before their suicide vest was remotely detonated by  their Zionist controller.

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Eyenimal Cat Videocam

  • 736×480 Video resolution with audio
  • 2 Recording modes including motion detection
  • Autofocus CMOS sensor with night vision up to 7 feet
  • 4GB Built-in Flash memory
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery, 2.5 hours recording time

UPDATE 9: Pablo Escobar – DNA faked, “dead dog” is Abu M. Salama?

The Saker: Caliph closure: ‘He died like a dog’

There’s no plausible explanation whatsoever for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, for years, enjoying the freedom of shuttling back and forth between Syria and Iraq, always evading the formidable surveillance capabilities of the US government.

A crack forensic team carrying samples of the fake caliph’s DNA apparently does its job in record time.

According to ground sources in Syria, a prevalent rumor in Idlib is that the “dead dog” in Barisha could be Abu Mohammad Salama, the leader of Haras al-Din, a minor sub-group of al-Qaeda in Syria. Haras al-Din has not issued any statement about it.

In the end, the “died as a dog” movie can be interpreted as a victory lap, and the closure of a historical arc languishing since 2011. When he “abandoned” the Syrian Demoratic Forces Kurds, Trump effectively buried the Rojava question – as in an independent Syrian Kurdistan.

Russia is in charge in Syria – on all fronts. . . .. Syria is on the way to recover all its territory.

Read full article.

Alert Reader #1:

Too reminiscent of that Bin Laden idiotic thing.

Trump does his best to cheer us up with the little truth he gets from wherever.

He is sincere. And purposely misinformed. He doesn't know what he doesn't know and any hint of truth is kept from him. His redeeming strength is that he cannot be bought. Does that mean he can't be fooled? Is someone pulling his strings regardless?

Funny thing though: those old CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS movies of the “taking of Osama Bin Laden” are no longer accessible on YouTube.

Is Trump (who doesn't have a price) immune to being still thrown under the bus regardless?

Alert Reader #2:

No way was this Shimon Elliot, long-time Mossad crisis-actor. His “life story” reads like a low-rent sheep-dipping.  Released from Israeli Army, allegedly for poor eye-sight, run through an Iraqi prison to establish his credibility, and lo and behold, a leader able to make guns falls from the sky.

Now I look for US SOF to be executed the way they were after Bin Laden when they started talking about the clear fakery of the op they risked their lives for.

UPDATE 10: The many times non-existent ISIS leader has been killed…

The Mind Unleashed: ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi Reported Dead — for at Least the 7th Time in 12 Years

A timeline of the al-Baghdadi narrative:

  • 2004 – Al-Baghdadi was in U.S. custody
  • 2007 – Iraqi officials report the death of al-Baghdadi
  • 2007 – U.S. Major General William Caldwell said it was not known who al-Baghdadi was or if he even existed
  • 2007 – Brigadier-General Kevin Bergner told a news conference that al-Baghdadi did not exist at all
  • 2009 – Reuters reports that Iraqi forces had captured al-Baghdadi
  • 2010 – Al-Baghdadi is reported dead by Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki from an airstrike
  • 2012 – Al-Baghdadi is captured in Iraq
  • 2014 – Al-Baghdadi made his only alleged public appearance in Mosul in June
  • 2014 – Al-Baghdadi is reportedly killed by a U.S. airstrike in September
  • 2014 – Al-Baghdadi is ‘critically wounded‘ from air strikes near Mosul in November
  • 2015 – Al-Baghdadi is once again ‘seriously wounded‘ from a U.S. air strike near Nineveh
  • 2016 – Al-Baghdadi is reportedly killed again by coalition air strikes in Raqqa
  • 2017 – Al-Baghdadi is wounded from an airstrike and has to relinquish control of ISIS for five months
  • 2017 – Al-Baghdadi is killed yet again by Russian airstrikes in Syria
  • 2018 – Al-Baghdadi is ‘severely wounded‘ in an air raid
  • 2019 – Al-Baghdadi allegedly appears in a video released by an Islamic State media group
  • 2019 – Al-Baghdadi kills himself during U.S. raid

Phi Beta Iota: It is now known that Al-Baghdadi was not present, the Zionists and the Kurds lied to the naive (or treasonous) US intelligence and military “leaders” who embraced the lies without challenge, thus betraying the President of the United States of America with what is at best poor judgment and at worst active treasonous subversion.  See Pablo Escobar in Update 9.


Revealed: How Obama SET FREE the merciless terrorist warlord now leading the ISIS horde blazing a trail of destruction through Iraq

Phi Beta Iota: The President will be told he can use this against Obama.  The President will not be told that the individual was released at the request of the Zionists so they could move on with their management of this individual as an agitator and leader of rebels armed and trained by the Zionists for the specific purpose of destabilizing Syria.

UPDATE 11: Robert Steele sums it all up in article published around world

Robert Steele: Fake Raid? Abu Mohammad Salama Killed? Did Zionists & Kurds Schlong President Donald Trump? Zionist Strike 52!

Let me begin by saying that people I trust tell me that the raid was very real, with helicopters flying 50 feet above the ground at 130 knots. The cost of the raid has been estimated at $30 million. What does not appear to be real are the actual location, and the alleged target.

Pablo Escobar, writing in The Saker, “Caliph closure: ‘He died like a dog’,” says this:

According to ground sources in Syria, a prevalent rumor in Idlib is that the “dead dog” in Barisha could be Abu Mohammad Salama, the leader of Haras al-Din, a minor sub-group of al-Qaeda in Syria. Haras al-Din has not issued any statement about it.

I conclude that the raid happened, that Mossad operative Elliot Shimon aka al-Baghdadi was not present; that the Kurds, on behalf of the Zionists, provided fake DNA samples before and after; and that whoever died was not in fact, the alleged target, who was not a real terrorist leader to begin with. President Donald Trump has been “schlonged” by Benjamin Netanyahu personally, the Zionists generally, and their controlled Kurdish paramilitary servants.

Read full article with many links.

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