Review: Underwater and Underground Bases

4 Star, Intelligence (Extra-Terrestrial), Military & Pentagon Power, Power (Pathologies & Utilization)
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Richard Sauder, PhD

4 Star Second book in series, focus on underwater cities and bases with emphasis on submarine pens and secret cross peninsula tunnels

As with the first book, this one published in 2001, it is a quick read and it includes diagrams, maps, and photographs. While not definitive, and the author is careful to distinguish between what he knows and what he speculates, this book is as good as it gets in terms of open source information covering what may be  the single most secretive (and Congressionally not authorized) program in the US inventory — the other would be the secret space program, also not authorized by Congress.

This book substantially expands on what we can know about long-range high-speed underground tunnels across the USA and even below the oceans (e.g. New York to London in one hour).

I have no direct knowledge but I have been persuaded by my reading of non-fiction over the past few years that the US federal government is completely out of control — the Executive has run amok, Congress has abidcated its responsibilities, and the Supreme Court consists of a bunch of spinless posturers doing nothing to rein in Constitutional abuses.

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