Stephen E. Arnold: MIT Technology Review on Amazon Ubber Alles — The New Deep State?

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Stephen E. Arnold

Meet America’s newest military giant: Amazon

The Pentagon’s controversial $10bn JEDI cloud computing deal is one of the most lucrative defense contracts ever. Amazon’s in pole position to win—and its move into the military has been a long time coming.

Stephen E. Arnold, a specialist in intelligence and law enforcement software, has used a series of online videos to trace the evolution of Amazon from 2007, when it had “effectively zero” presence in government IT, to today, when it appears set to dominate. “Amazon wants to neutralize and then displace the traditional Department of Defense vendors and become the 21st-century IBM for the US government,” he says.

Trey Hodgkins agrees. “The winner of [the JEDI] contract is going to control a substantial portion of the clouds across the federal government,” says Hodgkins, until recently a senior vice president at the Information Technology Alliance for Public Sector, an association of IT contractors. The alliance disbanded in 2018 after it raised concerns about JEDI, after which Amazon, one of its members, left and formed its own association. Civilian agencies, he says, look to the Pentagon and say, “You know what? If it’s good enough and substantial enough for them—scalable—then it’s probably going to be okay for us.”

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Amazon Policeware: Getting Visible in Spite of Amazon

ROBERT STEELE: Arnold is blameless for the editorial title, which is mine. Amazon has two sucking chest wounds that warrant its eventual rejection by all customers including the federal government: first, it has zero ethics — Amazon appears to be in violation of all customer service agreements and is doing cross-database correlation that among other things violates all Constitutional and legal rights to privacy across all silos; and second, Amazon is absolutely in the service of Zionist Israel, whether Bezos knows this or not, and every piece of data Amazon touches is back-doored to Zionist Israel ((the same Zionist Israel that planned and executed 9/11 and runs pedophilia and murderous pedophilia / Satanic Ritual Abuse blackmail entrapment networks across the USA and around the world).

If you thought an out of control federal government was bad, wait until you see the new fascist corporate version including the cashless society and social credit scores whose parameters are defined by the invented criminal genocidal apartheid state of Israel.  America First?  Not while Amazon is controlling the cloud. This is the same Amazon that is not only banning books, reviewers, and reviews, but also censoring Kindle and CreateSpace books by the word or paragraph, without telling the authors or readers.

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