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TREASON INSIDE THE BELTWAY: Even the coup plotters called it a coup!

Phi Beta Iota: Why is this asshole not in jail along with Brennan et al? There is absolutely nothing impeachable about “horse-trading” in foreign policy, nor can a request to re-open an investigation against an opponent be compared to a demand to close an investigation against a son — Biden, not Trump, is the culpable one for abuse of power.

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How to Crush a Bankers’ Dictatorship: A Lesson from 1933


The tables have turned! Trump says: ‘Stop the coup.’ The opposition declares: ‘Coup has started.’ Powerful leaders locked in showdown with the establishment. There’s now an ‘Erdoğan model.’ Impeachment process will fail, Trump will be reelected. Will there be an American Perestroika?

This Is H-u-g-e: On Oct 29th, the Coup Against Trump Officially Went From Soft to Hard

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