SPECIAL: Is Mitt Romney a Mormon Crime Boss & Key to Impeaching the President with a Demand for a Secret Senate Vote that Rallies the RINO Traitors Against the President?

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My gift is to connect dots.  Sometimes I may get ahead of myself but for the last forty years I have generally been ahead of the US Intelligence Community.  I believe Mitt Romney is facing indictment for Bain Capital being the primary money launderer for the extended Mormon crime family that traffics in white babies and small children as a cash crop, practices pedophilia from the Bishop level on up, and competes with the Bush-Cheney crime family in smuggling drugs.

The article below suggests to me  that Romney is in the Senate precisely to lead a SECRET vote intended to remove Donald Trump from office and make minor-league criminal Mike Pence the stand-in for the Deep State.

There’s a Surprisingly Plausible Path to Removing Trump From Office

Deep investigation will probably show that apart from bankrupting a quarter of the companies he invested in, his profit record of 50-80% was rooted in money laundering, not genuine profit.  He is innocent until proven guilty.  I believe that between the NSA map we have on him and other evidence including shared intelligence from Mexico, Mitt Romney is now toast.

Romney’s Bain Capital Made Billions While Bankrupting Nearly One-Quarter Of The Companies It Invested In

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