Wayne Jett: Saving America from the Kingmakers Cabal

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SAVING AMERICA From The Kingmakers Cabal

Since colonial times, and particularly since 1900, America has been targeted and wounded by a global cabal of kingmakers who have gathered great wealth and power. That cabal's objective has been to weaken and destroy national governments in order to rule by global dictatorship. Another objective is to destroy the self-sufficient middle class and return to the two-class society of rulers and slaves, with a sharply
reduced population of their choosing.

President Donald Trump won election to lead America in a counter-assault
to defeat and destroy the kingmakers cabal. This is the battle underway
presently. Clearly the cabal has many operatives and acolytes within the
U. S. government. That is why the Democrat party controlling the U. S.
House of Representatives is attempting to find a sufficient basis – any
pretext – to remove President Trump from office, even denying him basic
constitutional rights in the process.

Be hopeful, informed and prepared. The cabal's operatives will fail. The
counter-assault to free America from this scourge will be victorious.

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