Owl: Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Connected to Mossad Jeffrey Epstein Pedophilia Entrapment Operations — Bill Clinton Was Primary Target – Includes Disinformation

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Who? Who?

 Former Spy Details Israel’s Main Motive Behind Epstein’s Sexual Blackmail Operation

Bill Clinton was eventually blackmailed by the state of Israel and his administration was also targeted by Israeli espionage as part of the “Mega” spy scandal.

Kevin MacDonald on ADL's Close Ties to Mossad Pedophilia Entrapment Operations — and Use of CIA to Protect Epstein

Phi Beta Iota: There is some disinformation being spread by Ari Ben-Menashe that appears intended to obfuscate Ghislaine Maxwell's pre-eminent role as a Madame for under-age prostitutes before gay/bi-sexual/pedophile Epstein was brought in to take down Bill Clinton and many others from New York to Miami.

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SPECIAL: Zionism in America – Murderous Pedophilia Entrapment – The Nine Veils of Evil [Update 36 to the Mossad-Epstein Story]

Epstein On Way to Israel? UPDATE 35 to the Second Greatest Story Ever Told

Tom Luongo: Epstein Peak Swamp? Zionist Strike 44 UPDATE 50 Epstein Not Dead?

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