Pepe Escobar: Russia Won, US Lost, Deal With It

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Pepe Escobar

You Say You Want a (Russian) Revolution?

His key takeway: “There is no parity between Russia and the United States in such fields as air-defense, hypersonic weapons and, in general, missile development, to name just a few fields – the United States lags behind in these fields, not just in years but in generations [italics mine].”

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ROBERT STEELE: If — I have no direct knowledge — extraterretrials have indeed disabled all nuclear weapons, then the US has no military to speak of. General Al Gray and I advanced the need to reform intelligence so as to justify “peaceful preventive measures” and we were both ignored, as a total cost of toward $10 trillion, 265,000 disabled veterans, 75,000 amputees, and the attendant destruction of multiple generations of youth. The only winning move is to wage peace. It is my hope that in his second term President Trump will be able to address the concepts in my three new books of past writing that document how long I have been speaking truth to power without effect.  It's time a President listened.

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