Robert Steele: Obama Weaponized CIA, DoJ, FBI Against Mike Flynn – Gulen Appears to be a Terrorist Supported by US Taxpayers Still Laundering Cash Back to the Clintons

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While I have no direct knowledge I find the below write-up from Joe Holt at Gateway Pundit to be compelling.

MUST VIEW: New Documentary Details How General Flynn Was Targeted and Set Up by Obama White House For Calling Out Clinton and Obama Supported Terrorist Cabal in the US

Five points in the article, which draws heavily on Sibel Edmonds whom I trust,  jump out for me:

01 Gulen is a self-avowed terrorist able to order violence in Turkey at will

02 Gulen is running an international network of terrorist training centers

03 Gulen settled in the USA with help from the CIA, which is routinely destabilizing other governments without Congressional approval

04 Gulen received more H1-B visas than Google under Obama

05 Gulen's operation is funded by the US taxpayer and then recycles “donations” from teachers — as much as 40% of their salary — into his own operations and as laundered cash back to the Clinton Foundation.

From where I sit, there is every reason to extradict Gulen and close all of this charter schools.  The article contains many substantive links (e.g. Wall Street Journal) documenting fraud to the point that action appears warranted.

Read full article.


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