Mongoose: FBI Affidavit Against Jewish Harvard Professor Who Betrayed USA and Helped Create Wuhan China BioWar Facility

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This is an official document. China paid Lieber $1.5 million on contract and $50K a month in salary plus $150K a year in living expenses. Lieber willfully and maliciously lied on multiple US Government and DoD contract documents, to Harvard, and to US investigators. He is Jewish — how much he was paid or how he was incentivized to support the suspected Zionist / Deep State bio-war on China remains to be established. At this time we are assuming that Lieber did NOT know that coincident with his false flag “accident” the Zionists would be releasing the virus at multiple points and orchestrating a massive global information and economic war against China, with profit taking in every stock exchange around the globe.

PDF (17 Pages):  FBI Affidavit Against Lieber Harvard Wuhan


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