Sidney Powell on Hannity: Review of Flynn Case Right Thing to Do . . .

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ROBERT STEELE: The FBI agent that “cannot be named” is probably Joe Pientka, who has been in the news and may be in a frantic defensive mode right now. There are ample investigative tools available — including every one of Pientka’s emails, texts, Instagrams, and even his TINDER account — to the President. All we need is the order to turn him inside out. I find it fascinating that “Joe Pientka” has been scrubbed from GoogleNews. Somebody important wants him hidden from public view.

See Especially:

FBI Agent Joe Pientka – who lied the FISA Court and later interviewed Flynn – was promoted and moved to the SF area AFTER the FBI learned of serious problems in his FISA application.

The Many Corrupt and Criminal Actions FBI Agent Joe Pientka Involved in – Including Setting Up General Flynn

Horowitz report spotlights little-known FBI agent’s role in Russia probe, Flynn case

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