SPECIAL: Berto Jongman Flags Laurie Garrett on China Wuhan Virus & Global Challenges

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Berto Jongman's text summary of this important video below the fold.

Should be broadcasted on all TV channels worldwide

She has many bomb shells in the interview:

  • virus has been found in feces
  • aleady 500 HCW's infected (I found number today of more than 1700)
  • there is already a global supply crisis of PPE's, respirators, oxygen tanks and other necessary medical equipment
  • US supply chain is already taxed by regular flu
  • Gabriel Lieung projections are mind-boggling but not absurd
  • a lof of misinformation comes from China, official numbers cannot be trusted
  • Xi is freaking out: narrative keeps changing
  • Xi has securitized the crisis by replacing head of national health by head of national security: no guarantee that crisis will be dealt with more effectively
  • virus has incubation time of up to 24 days
  • there is a lack of a rapid diagnostic testkits: handling of patients cuases delays (it takes about 8 hours to handle a patient and come up with a decision (inc 4-5 hours of laboratory time)
  • Chinese approach is largely based on SARS experience: no guarantee that it will be effective for COVID-19
  • XI has placed party officials from his sector on government positions: government failure will have immediately implications for CCP
    -crackdown on social media
  • already there is an impression among the population that the epidemic is being used to repress the population
  • WHO has insufficient financial resources to deal with the crisis effectively

ROBERT STEELE: Laurrie Garrett is as good as it gets in conventional honest analytics. Her evaluation is probably the single best evaluation in the world less the fact that she completely avoids discussing biological warfare, electromagnetic warfare, and information warfare, the triad of which is what actually crashed the Chinese economy. She completete misses radiation sickness, which is probably what is on all  the cruise ships (which, like airplanes, rely on satellites for their communications, the satellites are not properly calibrated, entire airliners are being quarentined after prolonged exposure to the Wi-Fi and other satellite-based radiation). Radiation sickness presents as the flu. Everyone is ignoring this FACT.

My take:

Amazon Kindle: China Wuhan Coronavirus: Counterintelligence Appraisal – A Zionist Bio-War False Flag Attack? (Trump Revolution Book 49)

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