Robert Steele: Reports Coming in of Deliberate Grocery Store Contamination by US Air Force Personnel

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I have no direct knowledge. One of my regular contributors has come in with photos he alleges are a US Air Force person with a spray dispenser that has a visible red handle like one of those portable desk-top fire extinguishers.

Whether the report has a basis in fact is irrelevant. We need to be defending against this and the President needs to be on top of those elements of the US Government — including FEMA — known to love false flag events and the murder of innocents for political and financial effect.

The REASON I urged the President to move fast on a multinational counter-intelligence investigation, including getting Bill Binney to properly unmask all communications around Bill Gates and CDC and WHO going back 12 months, was to catch and stop FOLLOW-ON biological drops.

Real virus, fake pandemic, President spooked into wrecking the economy?

We are now looking at 40% if not worse unemployment, and a collapse of the food supply chain — and perhaps essential services like fuel and water — if the President does not get a grip and stop all this nonsense by 1 April — my earlier leeway to allow ten days of darkness from 1-10 April was off; the supply chain is starting to implode in food, medical, and basic logistics and no amount of “executive authority” is going to fix that fast once it caves in.

From the first I have said this is a counterintelligence chalenge.

I continue to trust the larger plan but the President appears to have been severely betrayed by all those around him.  No one appears to have done holistic analytics or true cost economics on this one. Time to shut down the fear-mongering, get America back on track, and do the counterintelligence study!

NOTE: The CIA and the US military have a HISTORY of doing really evil things to the American public, from syphiis testing on blacks to drug releases in New York subways and Los Angeles airways, and of course being the backbone for the drug trade going back to the Viet-Nam and Iran-Contra eras while also trading in women and children (something DHS now appears to be adopting as a revenue source).  I cannot over-state how broken our national counterintelligence systems is — we are OUT OF CONTROL.

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