VIDEO (23:36) Simon Parkes Insights on the War in the Shadows Today — China was Round 2, US Stopped Round 1

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Robert Steele notes and comments below the fold.

ROBERT STEELE: I hold Simon Parkes in high esteem. The first fifteen minutes of this video offer several reveals:

01 February 2019 in Los Angeles, Black Hawk helicopters and the captured black container, was Round 1, US stopped it.

02 Poisoning in the White House was against the First Lady and forced President Trump to advance his timetable for going to war against Deep State.

03 China was an accident — China's ability to respond was so vastly superior that it put everyone on notice — actual intent was USA Round 2 and specifically aimed at President Donald Trump's Administration.

04 The US troops in Europe have broken down into hunter-killer teams and are sweeping through Europe with specific targets in mind — lockdowns are intended to make traffic stops easier against bad people compelled to move.

Second bit — about ten minutes — is on basic sanitation, do not touch your mouth, have your sanitizer at your door, drink hot liquids flushing virus into stomach's acid pool that does kill it, ultraviolet kills the virus on surfaces.

He shares my concerns about 5G and he says 5G makes everything worse, if you have a 5G bioshield use it and keep it with you but that is not a defense against the biological version of the virus. Sanitation needs to be done always.


He ends with a call for charity in service to older people who might be able to or might be afraid to go out — share food and water with them.

While I continue to believe that deliberate drops were made in Wuhan, Qom, and Milan, and it is clear the larger outbreaks are coincident with 5G or satellite microwave (e.g. to cruise lines), it now appears that the massive panic feeding insider trading has been flipped by the White Hats against the Deep State, and the lockdowns are a means of making the job of hunter-killer teams easier.

I also disagree on his assessment of lethality. I have no direct knowledge but my sense is that the virus is much less lethal than the Deep State intended, and this is some form of intervention that was extraordinarily successful, in forms I do not comprehend.

I share Simon's view that a number of “elite” will be sent to hell under the guise of the corona virus.

On balance I trust the plan but I am concerned about the slowness of the Administration to recognize that we are looking at 40% to 50% unemployment if this goes past 15 April; we need to reassure everyone NOW about unemployment compensation and a national economic rebuild from the ground up — new small cities and town; open source everything engineering self-sufficiency at the county level, green and infrastructure investments, an end to Big Agriculture and  Big Pharma, etceteraa.

Now we wait.  Have no fear.  I do believe  the angels are all over this.

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