Betty Boop: Video Senator Dr. Jensen on CDC Asking That ALL Deaths Be Attributed to Coronavirus — We do not make this shit up!

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Minnesota (POVnow) MN Sen. and Dr. Jensen said that he received a 7 page document from the MN Department of Health advising him to fill out death certificates with a diagnosis of #COVID-19 whether the person actually died from COVID-19 or not. Can we trust the death numbers we’ve been seeing?

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CDC Documented..Telling Doctors… to Lie About Cause of Death

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This is from the CDC Guidance For Certifying Death Due To Carona Virus… in other words… they are assuming the cause… not actually testing for the cause.


View the entire document at:Guidance for Certifying Deaths Due to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID–19) pdf icon[PDF – 292 KB] (4/2020)

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