BITCHUTE: The David Icke 5G VIdeo That Could Bring Down the British Government Plus 5G RECAP

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ROBERT STEELE: David — whom I know and respect — may be making a mistake in demonizing 5G in absolute terms.  This is a nuanced challenge. At one level all forms of electromagnetic pollution lower immunity; at another level a sufficiency of radiation causes radiation sickness that presents as the flu. At much much more subtle levels you have the connection between certain frequencies at certain strengths causing biological effects; and at even more subtle and nuanced levels you have the newer challenges of selected 5G frequencies (not all 5G) able to trigger nano-particles associated with a pre-contaminated host; and even  DNA “by name” targetting with Directed Energy Weapons (DEW).

Here are two links that elaborate on these complexities.

Mongoose: Alert Reader Proposes a Petri Dish All Causes Explanation for the Wuhan Coronavirus 5G ELF Aspirin Government Mismanagement

American Intelligence Media: 5G Activated Delivery System for Bio-engineered Virus — Links to Rothschilds, Soros, Queen of England?

Phi Beta Iota: YouTube is in the process of banning all videos telling the truth about 5G. This will become a massive class action lawsuit.  BitChute does not censor videos. We do not condone burning down anything. We also do not condone the genocidal and ecocidal technology known as 5G nor do we condone any government that lies to its public because its most senior elected and appointed officials have been bribed and blackmailed (many of the latter with pedophilia entrapment and Satanic Ritual Abuse videos as well as addictions to adrenachrome — blood adrenalized by torture of a child). There are many good people in the British Government — it is time for all of them to come to the side of the public, expose all of the forms of malfeasance by hereditary, elected, and appointed officials, and get the UK right with God and man.


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