David Wilcock: Alliance Win Is Inevitable – Details

Collective Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence, Extraterrestial Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

Alert Reader summarizes David Wilcock's latest very long missive.

Biblical war between Alliance (good) and Cabal/Deep State/Swamp (bad)

Modern conflict begins in early 1950s (Cold War) with President Eisenhower

Alliance has made several unsuccessful attempts to bring down Cabal

  • 1952 President Eisenhower blocked from invading Area 51
  • President Kennedy assassinated
  • Iran-Contra Affair
  • President Reagan assasination attempt
  • Whitewater Investigation (really Chinagate) and demolition of Murrow Building to destroy documents
  • 911 and demolition of documents at both World Trade Center and Navy section of Pentagon

Both sides have Looking Glass Technology

  • No matter what scenario is run, the timeline keeps collapsing to a single outcome – Cabal defeat
  • Both sides know what Q says – “Game Over”
  • Cabal now only delaying their inevitable demise

Upcoming 3 Days of Darkness

  • No internet or telephone
  • Alliance engineers must remove “dark nodes” in internet to remove choke points & Deep State surveillance mechanisms
  • POTUS will communicate with population via Emergency Broadcast System
  • Deep State criminals being rounded up in these 3 days as over 160,000 indictments unsealed world-wide
  • After criminal round-up, there will be two days of TV airing three 8 hour segments explaining to population what has happened

Satanic Pedophila will be exposed

  • Massive tunnel warfare across United States is occurring
  • Large numbers of children, who are being held as sex slaves and producers of adrenochrome, will be liberated
  • Children will be sheltered on the Comfort and Mercy Naval ships

World Economic Reset is Underway

  • POTUS is nationalizing the Federal Reserve, a criminal organization that has stolen tens of trillions of dollars from the people
  • New world currencies will likely be unveiled soon
  • Trump, Xi, Putin and other world leaders working in concert to bring down Rothschild Central Banking System world-wide

POUTS reorganizing world energy sector

  • Plumeting oil prices are meant to bankrupt petrodollar dependent CABAL
  • OPEC will be expanded to include Russia and other countries

This is the Second American Revolution

  • Citizens will learn how their nation has been highjacked and how they have been held hostage as debt slaves
  • Citizens will learn how they have been massively brainwashed for 100+ years
  • Citizens will reclaim the Republic of the United States
  • The original Constitution will be re-instated
  • Admiralty Law will be replaced by Common Law (all lawyers and judges will be re-trained)


  • POTUS will declass major events
  • JFK assasination
  • 9/11
  • Secret Space Technology – free energy & anti-gravity
  • Extraterrestrial Contact

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