Tucker Carlson: National Suicide? Spoiler Note: #SavetheChildren?

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Tucker Carlson On Fauci's Quarantine Call: Pushing “National Suicide” While He Has Job Security

“On the question of this pandemic, Fauci has been wrong repeatedly.”

TIp of the Hat to Zero Hedge.

ROBERT STEELE: Tucker is where I was two weeks ago.Fauci has been and remains a piece of shit. His lies have wrecked the economy but we can get over that. Now I am seeing that the President is using the lockdown to keep innocents out of the line of fire while our forces scour the underground pedophilia tunnels with NYC being the central battleground. The hundred thousand dead children and the five hundred thousand I expect to be rescued, most in horrific shape, is going to rock this nation. #SavetheChildren TRUMPS #EndDeepState. I admire Tucker and worship the President. All is as it should be.  Trust the plan. Easter Sunday. Resurrection. John F. Kennedy Jr. will be there — in person or in spirit.


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