#UNRIG Video (2:44) Former Spy Calls for CounterIntelligence Study of Bill Gates, Insider Trading, Media Liars

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You cannot win a war against a real pandemic. The only way to defeat a biological attack is to identify and neutralize the people planning that attack, in advance. In my personal view, neither China nor Russia are waging biological war against the USA — this is a war by the Deep State and its agents including Bill Gates, George Soros, WHO and the CDC, and selected rogue elements of the US and UK intelligence communities. Of course it also helps to close down all your own bio-warfare facilities and work more closely with Russia, which is the top practitioner on the planet for energetics, gravitobiology, and scalar (time energy) warfare, all of which can contain and neturalize both biological and electromagnetic attacks.

At the same time, it is vital to note that it was the fear-mongering out of control media — and timid ignorant governments — that wrecked the global economy, not the flu. The time has come for an Open Source Agency and Web 3.0 and a new uncensored honest media and social media. The truth about everything is being repressed to the detriment of human health and prosperity and peace.

Former spy Robert David Steele, senior civilian founder of the US Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017, and the pro bono Chief Counsel of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice, puts it on the line: we need to give Bill Binney total access to the NSA database, and have him run three counter-intelligence studies for the President, immediately.

We will not win the next war — whether conventional or unconventional. If those who organized this first largely non-lethal pandemic are not investigated, indicted, convicted, and executed, this is going to happen again, in August or September, this time for real, and this time we will not be able to recover.

To view the two hour seating of the Tribunal from which this extract is drawn with permission:

Individual remarks in the above video are personal — the Tribunal issues formal statements separately to place its official views before the public.

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