Mongoose: Case Filed Against Center for Disease Control (CDC)

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Worth a look.

CDC Fails to Produce Studies Which Support its Claim that Vaccines Given During the First Six Months of Life “Do Not Cause Autism”

The case he is referring to is the motion filed to force the CDC to provide the studies that prove the statement on their website “Vaccines do not cause autism.”  Ignoring their FOIAs for over a year,[just like they did with swine flu -Ray]  the CDC had to provide the mere 20 studies (some weren’t even relevant) to comply with the FOIA requests.    RFK, Jr. and Del are laying groundwork for a larger case to come,  They have a legal strategy as yet undisclosed to us.  This case was from two months ago.

PDF (3 Pages): ICAN on CDC Failure 5 March 2020

A previous court win was the case which forced HHS to admit there had not been any safety studies submitted to Congress (as mandated in the NCVIA 1983) for the past 30 years.  The mandate, which provided HHS assume legal liability from vaccine manufacturers, required a task force to be created with reports on improvements to vaccine safety every 2 years to Congress.  NEVER HAPPENED!  So how can vaccines be “safe and effective”??  They don’t have a freakin’ clue!

PDF (3 Pages): Stipulation-and-Order-Fully-Executed


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