Dan Shultz: President Being Betrayed by GOP, Here Is The Fix

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I kept seeing references to Parscale’s Ferrari, so I DuckDuckGo-ed it.  Found this:

Win Or Lose, Trump’s Top Campaign Aides Are Raking In The Cash

So, the question I would pose to President Trump, if I could get face-to-face with him, would be this:

Since your association with Parscale started, why haven’t you managed to fill all the vacant Republican Party precinct committeeman slots with Trump supporters who, in turn, would allow you to elect Trump supporters to as many of the 168 RNC positions as possible (and, with over half of the slots having been vacant, probably to ALL of the RNC positions)?  So that instead of fighting the RNC and a half-strength, RINO-controlled Party, you’d have a full-strength, solidly Trump-supporting Party and RNC working with you?  And, you’d have the manpower to get to the polls all of those good, decent, Trump-supporting “lower-information, lower-propensity” voters who need that little extra personal “reminder” and “nudge” to go vote because they aren’t all that interested in politics but will vote if a fellow Republican personally asks them to vote.

And I just heard on the radio that the RNC agreed to three Presidential Debate Commission “debates” (which aren’t debates) for President Trump with Biden.  Which the Commission and the Malignant Media will attempt to rig in Biden’s favor.  I would have told the Commission and Biden to pound sand and, instead, tell Biden that President Trump would do real debates with him anytime, anywhere, with only a timekeeper.  NO “moderators.”  The candidates would ask whatever they think are the important questions for their adversary.

I have only skimmed the article, and will now read it carefully, but I saw mention of one of the usual suspects, “FLS Connect,” a Priebus & Cronies joke of a company that licenses the dinosaur “GOP Data Center” software to the RNC, who in turns offers it to the state parties.  GOP Data Center was Voter Vault 3, which was Voter Vault 2, which was Voter Vault, and the only thing it can do is create precinct walking sheets.  It fundamentally has not changed since I became a PC in 2007, and has, of course, no capability for PCs to communicate with one another.  If the RNC really wanted to help President Trump, they should have licensed rVotes (www.rVotes.com) from Steve Adler.  But, they don’t want Trump supporters to become precinct committeemen, and they don’t want conservative precinct committeemen communicating with each other across an entire state – because precinct committeemen ARE the Party and majority rules on every committee.


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