Robert Steele: OSINT Garbage — Pure Scam Plays

Commerce, Corruption, Government, Ineptitude

CIA and DoD have done a fine job of killing the OSINT baby and posturing over its digital entrails all these years.  The below market report sums up the state of this cesspool — all crap.  Digital scams spending money on a tiny fraction of the information because — like the drunk looking for the car keys under the light — that's the easy pickings. No HUMINT; no holistic analytics, no true cost economics.  Just crap.  Expensive crap.  BAE should have been in the headline, they are the poster child for super-expensive worthless crap.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Market Top Key Players 2020 are Palantir Technologies, Expert System, Exalead Dassault Systemes, Thales Group, Cybelangel

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