Caitlin Johnston: Real Revolution Means Expanding Consciousness, Both Outwardly and Inwardly

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Real Revolution Means Expanding Consciousness, Both Outwardly And Inwardly

The fight to liberate humanity from oppression, exploitation, butchery and madness is really a fight to expand consciousness.

The existential threats our species now faces are ultimately due to the fact that powerful people advance omnicidal, ecocidal, oppressive, violent and exploitative agendas behind veils of secrecy and propaganda distortion. They do evil things while deliberately keeping people unconscious of those evil things, so that the people will not use the power of their numbers to stop them.

The people do not use the power of their numbers to force a change into a healthy paradigm which puts human interests first because their perception of the world is aggressively manipulated by power structures who have a vested interest in keeping that from happening.

The fight against these malignant power structures is therefore a fight to increase public awareness of their toxic agendas, and of the perceptual manipulation tactics which are being used to prevent that awareness from being spread. It’s a fight to expand collective human consciousness of what’s really going on in the world.

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ROBERT STEELE: Caitlin is gifted — one of the top ten people I pay attention to. She is splendidly in line with Plato and Will Durant. The primary purpose of GOOD government is to educate the people so they may rise to their fullest potential; the only real revolution is the revolution in the mind of man (fuck the woke assholes that cannot handle man as a generic for all men and women).

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