J. C. Cole: Agricultural Terror & Fascism From New Zealand to USA

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The evidence is just piling up that our Food Supply is both under attack and positioned to collapse.

The American Gray Swans are the mechanisms that can cause the collapse of the American supply chain. Here is a Quick Review

We now see many nefarious Government authorities using Covid-19 as a mechanism to shutdown food production.

The Rockefeller Institute in their white paper Reset the Table is now pushing for a Department of Homeland Security for Food using Covid-19 as a justification. It does not take much imagination to see that they want anybody involved in the Food Industry from “Farm to Table” (including customers) required to get the DNA changing RNA vaccine, and of course a RFID Chip to prove it.

Here is Aaron Russo (now deceased) stating it in 2006 – Link

The Hegelian Dialectic – “Problem – Reaction – Solution”

Problem – Covid-19 “possible infected” farm workers are shutting down the food supply

Reaction – Panic, a shortage of food, and possible famine

Solution – all food workers (from farm to table) have a mandatory vaccine enforced by DHS for Food with a RFID Chip inserted to prove it.

And so ends the freedom of Americans.

Nothing is more important than to put food production in the hands of local communities creating local Food Security, and that is by creating millions of EMP proof small sustainable farms in local ownership.

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