Review: The Music of Time by Preston B. Nichols with Peter Moon

7 Star Top 1%, Consciousness & Social IQ, Intelligence (Extra-Terrestrial), Intelligence (Government/Secret), Intelligence (Spiritual), Misinformation & Propaganda, Threats (Emerging & Perennial), Voices Lost (Indigenous, Gender, Poor, Marginalized)
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7 Stars — Cosmic Mind-Altering Book

I've gone through seven stages in my intellectual development:

  1. Truth assumed to be Default
  2. Lies known to be Default
  3. Consciousness is a Force for Good
  4. Everything is Energy in Some Form
  5. Stellar Civilizations Abound
  6. Frequencies Manage and Manifest Energy
  7. Time & Space Travel Achieved by Mind Control

Along the way  — and long after I left my secret intelligence life behind — I learned from non-fiction books and selected human contacts that there is a very evil side to all this — Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), sodomy of children to fracture their minds and among men at the highest levels of secret societies ostensibly to open their “third eye,” and mind-control of individuals as well as masses — in the latter case with manipulated music.

This book has helped me move from level 5 to level 7 in my open-minded acceptance of cosmic possibilities for humanity specifically and cosmic evolution generally.

It is now clear to me that the military-industrial-intelligence complex has evolved into a world-wide network of psychopaths without a conscious and perhaps even without a soul, who serve the 1% in creating a global grid of control that runs from individual humans programmed to kill without memory, to gangs programmed to steal and terrorize, to masses programmed to obey and accept crimes against humanity as “normal,” to off-planet trade in human flesh and adrenochrome (adrenalized blood produced by torture).

This is not a polished book replete with endnotes and an index, but it is a very authentic book and I buy into the author's absolute credibility.  I have not read the other books in the Montauk Series but this one book is enough to persuade me that

01 Great evil is being done at taxpayer expense (probably augmented by illicit wealth from  trading in children, drugs, and other contraband as well as pure  theft via government contract money laundering and Wall Street naked short selling as well as illicit wealth money laundering;

02 Great good is possible if all of the escoteric knowledge were applied for the benefit of the 99% instead of repressed to empower the 1%; and

03 I have been in the cheap seats my whole life, completely missing a chance to make a difference — perhaps for the best, as I would have in all probability either lost my soul and become a psychopath, or been murdered for standing fast on ethics.

The book opens with chapters on the nuances of music and sound creation and ends with chapters on how music — and frequency management — enables time and space travel — including the co-estence of multiple selves across different time and space locations.

Here are just a few of the phrases that captured my attention:

  • electromagnetic field surrounds human body
  • biofeedback devices
  • non-ordinary electromagnetic fields
  • unrecovered memories
  • human rights violations
  • music business is completely contrived including fake artists and stand-ins

QUOTE (27): There is also a deeper side to some celebrities and that includes mind control.

  • psychiatry, psychology, statistics are retarded
  • quantum model of the human mind is finally emergent
  • extra-sensory perception (ESP) is very real
  • CIA, Skull & Bones, mind-control, musicians as “agents” all connected
  • thought forms and subliminal suggests are central to music as mind-control

QUOTE (5)): Sound waves are part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

QUOTE (53): When we consider the principles of hard physics, everything in creation falls within the realm of electromagnetic spectrum. This includes  all matter and energy, including light, sound, and different types of matter.

contrived electronmagnetic interference chains us to a false harmful  reality

QUOTE (55): The first step is to reality that our reality, or reference frame for consciousness, is based purely on sounds, notes, tones, or whatever you want to call  them. All of these aspects are frequencies. In actual fact, every physical object or manifestation you can conceive of conforms to a frequency or can  be identified as having a particularly frequency. It is all frequency based.

QUOTE (55): Matter itself stars out as a wave traveling through space. Next the wave hits a magnetic field.  That magnetic field hits it, twists it, and turns it into a particle. It is now matter.

QUOTE (57): By playing with certain frequencies you can induce riots or raucous behavior. Convresely you can subje a wild crowd by the same methods.

  • Humans have regressed to two-dimension thinking.
  • Extraterrestrials (or stellar civilizations) think and move in three dimensions.
  • Montauk was established to manipulate consciousness.
  • “Sex, drugs, and rock ‘n  roll” are essentially toxic consciousness killers.
  • Some of the research appeared to focus on creating super-soldiers with no consciousness and extreme forms of aggression.
  • Sexual “magick” is both individual and global (e.g. weather control)

QUOTE (65): Rock ‘n roll is basically a reproduction of the orgasmic cycle put to music.

  • Opening the sex mind makes people prone to suggestion.
  • Nerves are carrier waves for music that can exercise command & control.
  • Music can indeed control mood and behavior.

QUOTE (68): The idea in mind control is to jam the neural net and stop it from its normal functioning.

  • Sounds has a feeling that is altered (corrupted) depending on the medium.
  • In the 1960's sound engineers were artists & scientists vital to the outcome.
  • Magnetic fields alter sound and vice versa.
  • Sound subliminal messages are more powerful than visual subliminals.
  • Music is designed to be hypnotic (the original foundation for mind-control).
  • Paraphysics is out of control — neither courts nor FCC can deal with it.
  • Star Wars has massive psychic overlays built into each film in the series.
  • Massive connections between Montauk and Star Wars key personnel.
  • Young people appear to be targets for government mind control.
  • Pornographic films are part of the total program.
  • Some music appears to have done time travel, “seeded” into past.
  • Mind control includes mind-reading.

QUOTE (123): The Montauk Project concerned itself with manipulating the way different sections of the mind communicate with different realities in different dimensions”

QUOTE (123): Time travel at Montauk was basically an amplification of thought forms which were based upon the amplification of musical structures.

QUOTE (135): When you manipulate time, you are actually manipulating realities.

  • There are major biorhythms that run through Earth's grid every twenty years.
  • 1043, 1963, 1983, 2003, 2023 . . .
  • There are time travel crystals and portals
  • Some specific technologies appear to have been sent back in time
  • Ultrasonic planning emerged in 1930's could be used on entire country
  • Biocoils can be used to heal or make people fall in love

QUOTE (207) I have experienced multiple  time lines and have seen myself from the future.

QUOTE (209): Remember that, in quantum physics,  the future, past, and present all exist simultaneously.

  • Drugs used extensively in mind-control.
  • Beatles almost certainly were a mind-control project.
  • Authorities have never investigated murders likely to be done by mind-control.


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