Berto Jongman: CIA Man-Children on Future of CIA — Robert Steele Comments

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Is this the best CIA “veterans” can do?

A Blueprint for the Future: The CIA in 2021 and Beyond

During our careers at CIA there was a bumper sticker that made the rounds, which stated, “The World is at Peace Because the CIA is at War.” That notion certainly applies to the world today.

ROBERT STEELE: The utterly childish and totally untrue “bumber sticker” tells me all I need to know about the pathetic ignorance of these two authors.  Highlights of earnest but ignorant piece include:

First, the Agency has to restore its relationship with the president and congressional oversight committees.

Second, the Agency must refocus on its basics: collecting human intelligence and conducting analysis.

Third, CIA is woefully behind the private sector’s cutting-edge technology and ability to rapidly iterate.

Fourth, the Agency is going to have to finally make peace with instituting remote work.

This is essentially a high-school op-ed from two undeveloped children who managed to get through CIA careers without learning anything of substance.

01 CIA cannot be reformed without eradicating the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and restoring the Director of Central Intelligence while also taking on draconian reconstitution of counterintelligence and all of the technical collection agencies that produce 4% of what we need based on processing 1% of what they collect. Anyone who does not get that should not be in the conversation.

02 The basics of human intelligence (all fifteen slices) and (holistic) analytics (with true cost economics) have never been understood by CIA, not even by Sherman Kent. The two children manage to avoid mentioning Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), which is — along with proper pervasive counter-intelligence — the book end for getting the 20% that needs to be secret, done right.

03 CIA is retarded in the IT arena and always has been — they build the Artificial Intelligence Center around me and refused to be serious back then, they are still not serious now.  However, the private sector is also retarded by design.  We are far from 100% processing, far from full integration of analog and non-citizen non-cleared human expertise, far from back office or analytic sense-making, not because we are ignoring the private sector but because the private sector wants to focus on mass surveillance and behavior manipulation, not sense-making and prosperity sharing.

04 The authors hit on something important — remote work — without understanding what it actually means.  I was doing at rest encryption and self-destructing laptops in the 1980’s.  The authors do not understand that there is nothing secure about anything in the private sector; that the tools are simply not there for sense-making and collaboration on site, much less remotely; and that the optimal situation is what I defined in the early 1990’s, creating a Smart Nation and a World Brain in which all minds connected to all information in all languages and mediums, all the time. #GoogleGestapo and CIA are not at all capable of achieving that outcome.

Lest anything think I am picking on two children in an obscure journal of no import at all, let me conclude by pointing to something I chose to ignore at the time, Amy Zegart (PhD), “In the Deepfake Era, Counterterrorism is Harder,” The Atlantic, 11 September 2019.

Dr. Zegart’s first book, Flawed by Design,” a PhD thesis under the supervision of Condi Rice, was a first-rate look at why CIA, JCS, and NSC are so screwed up — that is by design, to serve the Deep State. Then she lost her integrity and realized she could not prosper without buying into all the lies that the Deep State demands as a condition for being admitted to the sychophants club that comes with assured employment and a semblance of faux admiration. Zegart’s article starts by repeating absolute lies about 9/11 (including a failure to mention that both  the CIA and the FBI blocked 13 warnings on 9/11 by order of Dick Cheney) and then concludes with utter crap about Russian weaponization of social media while China weaponizes — I do not make this up — sound business practices. In her bullshit conclusion she riffs on “algorithms that can process huge amounts of data faster and better than humans” without regard to the fact that those algorithms are corrupt and flawed to the bone and only process 1% of what we collect, whether in NSA or (Mary Meeker) in the private sector.

All those commenting on the world of intelligence are either ignorant — they have learned nothing across careers of going through the motions — or they are corrupt, content to tell known lies as the price of being paid to be a camp follower who pretends not to see the nakedness by design of the pathologically dysfunctional intelligence community.   All of the proposed reforms — like the contrived recommendations of the 9/11 Commission and Warren Commission reports — are bullshit by design.

Israel and England as the primary enemies of the USA, using bribery and blackmail to manipulate the federal, state and local governments as well as the judiciary across the USA, with pedophilia entrapment as their primary tool, both aided by the CIA and FBI working closely with MI-5 and MI-6 and the Mossad? That is a forbidden topics for sychophants, and beyond the ken of children.


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