Ray McGovern: John Brennan Is So Fucked – Robert Steele: Trade Him for Snowden?

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Ray McGovern

RAY McGOVERN: What is John Brennan So Worried About?

Protecting “sources and methods” is a red herring. They can be redacted from a classified document. It’s the content of these files that has Brennan extremely nervous as they might reveal Brennan’s role in the Russiagate scandal.

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ROBERT STEELE: Brennan, a piece of shit traitor through and through, is fucked at multiple levels.

Level 1: We have all of his encrypted voice communications committing treason with Gina Haspel (a world-class bitch traitor also opposing declassification of evidence of  treason) and MI-6 in the UK (which was the primary foreign power interfering in US elections apart from Israel.

Level 2: The use of HAMMER and SCORECARD to manipulate foreign elections, never mind US elections, will if the President declassified which countries were affected, de-legitimize all the “leaders” elected with CIA assistance, and vacates those elections — all political, economic, and social decisions by those “leaders” fraudulently  elected become null and void.

Level 3: John Brennan was deputy to Buzzy Krongard for the Gold War against Russia, an undeclared war not authorized by Congress that used $240 billion dollars in offshore illicit wealth to destroy the Russian economy. George Tenet, then DCI was fully witting and complicit, as was CIA agent William Browder, all working under the direction of Dick Cheney.

From where I sit, trading Tenet, Krongard, Brennan, and Browder to Russia for Snowden, is a very good deal and supremely just.

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