Yoda: President Trump’s Brilliant Moves on Vaccines — Not Mandatory and Not Needed

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Wise, is our President. Wise, is David Sorenson.

Dear Freedom Fighters,

‘If Trump is on the good side, why is he pushing vaccines?’

Personally I believe that everything Donald Trump does is strategic, with the purpose for sabotaging the plans of the wicked. Even pushing vaccines…

The plan of the cabal is to set up the New World Order, under the guise of Covid measures. In order for this Great Reset to happen, the current structures of society must be destroyed.

This is the purpose of the lockdowns: break down everything, so they can rebuild the world according to the new grid of the Great Reset.

How can this Great Reset be hindered? By preventing the lockdowns.

The only way for Trump to stop lockdowns being imposed by governors, is by saying there is a vaccine. With a vaccine, there is no reason anymore for a lockdown.

Secondly Trump is also talking about cures. Just today he promoted cures again.

That is significant, because a vaccine can only be mandated if there is no cure. With a cure however, there is no legal way to mandate vaccines. The fact that Trump has been – and is again – promoting effective cures for covid, shows he is actively preventing vaccine mandates.

Thirdly I believe the vaccine Trump is pushing, is different from the vaccines made by the Deep State and cabal.

Notice how the demon governor from New York says they will never accept Trump’s vaccines. Why? The only reason I can find for this, is that Trump’s vaccines don’t have the diabolical stuff in them, that the vaccines of the cabal will have.

It may well be that Trump is pushing a vaccine he knows is safer, than the super dangerous vaccines of his enemies.

So by pushing his own vaccines, Trump is:

– preventing lockdowns,

– preventing vaccine mandates,

– preventing the dangerous vaccines from the cabal.

Personally I will not accept any vaccine from anyone, also not Trump’s vaccine. But the wonderful thing is that Trump is giving us freedom to say no, by promoting cures.

Light and Love always win, and there is real hope for our future.

Every storm passes, night turns into day, and darkness flees for the dawn.

Much love,
David Sorensen


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