Mongoose: Citizens Stand Up to Fat Stupid Sheriffs Without a Warrant

Civil Society, Corruption, Cultural Intelligence, Ethics, Law Enforcement

Business Owners Stand Up To Sheriffs Trying To Enforce Cuomo Lockdown Orders


ROBERT STEELE: These were not real sheriffs.  They look like overweight dumb-asses (and not in uniform) who were deputized to do stupid unlawful shit no real sheriff would ever do.  Across the country (except in Fairfax County where the female sheriff is hiding inside the jail) sheriff's are standing up to unconstitutional unlawful orders from state and local officials who have been bribed or blackmailed by the Deep State with George Soros fronts offering a  combination of false information and substantial bribes — and in some cases with Mossad collaboration using pedophilia entrapment and blackmail —  to wreck US economy & society.

Although I anticipate the President issuing an interstate commerce mandate that eliminates lockdowns and masks as well as tag terrorism on federal highways, he and his advisors have clearly stated that this insanity ends when the people want it to end.  There will be no mandatory vaccines, and anyone stupid enough to demand a fake COVID-19 test as a condition for doing business is going to be put OUT of business.

After this is all said and done in Virginia, I anticipate  that Warner will be found to have lost to Gede, and in  the next election, with  electronic fraud eliminated, the majority of virtuous citizens outside the Northern Virginia cesspool will fire the Governor and Virginia will return to being a state that respects its Confederate heroes and honors the Constitution.


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